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Cinema and Media Studies (CTCS)

  • D class assignments available in SCA320; phone (213) 740-3334.
  • D class assignments for undergraduates available; phone (213) 740-2911.
  • D class assignments for graduate students available in SCA320; phone (213) 740-3334.
  • D-clearances for Cinema and Media Studies Majors (for courses like CTCS 473) via their academic advisor. D-clearances for Non-Majors via D-clearances for all Graduate Students (for 500+ level courses) via School of Cinematic Arts "R" section courses change to "D" in the third week of classes, and require instructor approval for clearance. For Cinema and Media Studies, that approval can be sent to for d-clearance in the third week. Instructions are available here for all SCA Non-Major clearances:
Information accurate as of September 10, 2021 11:03 am.
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In Fall 2021, USC is returning to the normal grade option election deadlines and standards. For more information on this, please visit the Fall 2021 academic FAQs.