Schedule of Classes Archive

ABAAnna Bing Arnold Child Care Ctr., 2715 University Ave.
ABXAnna Bing Arnold Child Care Ctr. Annex, 2716 Severance St., 90007
ACBAhmanson Ctr. for Biological Research, 825 Bloom Walk
ACCAccounting, Leventhal School of, 3660 Trousdale Pkwy.
ACXAhmanson Center for Biological Research Animal Section, 825 Bloom Walk
ADMBovard Administration Bldg. and Kenneth Norris, Jr. Aud., 3551 Trousdale Pkwy.
AEPAlpha Epsilon Pi fraternity, 904 W. 28th St.
AES Alice and Eleonore Schoenfeld Symphonic Hall, 3450 Watt Way
AGOAlpha Gamma Omega fraternity, 2831 University Ave.
AHFAllan Hancock Foundation Bldg., 3616 Trousdale Pkwy.
AHNDosan Ahn Chang Ho Family House, 809 W. 34th St.
ALMAlumni House, Widney, 635 Childs Way
ANHAnnenberg House, 711 W. 27th St.
ASBAll Sports Building – Intramural Fields, 940 W. 35th St.
ASCAnnenberg School for Communication and Journalism, 3502 Watt Way
ATBAT&T Building Tower, 1150 S. Olive Street
ATTAT&T Center, 1149 S. Hill St.
BAABel-Aire Apts., 1124 W. 29th St.
BABBarracks A and B, 1200 North State St.
BARBarlow Hospital, 2000 Stadium Way
BCCEli and Edythe Broad CIRM Ctr., 1425 San Pablo St.
BCHBoone Center Housing, 10317-10343 W. Big Fishermans Cove, Catalina Island
BDBBernardo Drive Building, 16870 W. Bernardo Dr., 200, San Diego
BDFBrooks Memorial Pavilion and Dedeaux Field, 1021 Childs Way
BHEBiegler Hall of Engineering, 920 Downey Way
BIMBrittingham Intramural Field, 3560 McClintock Ave.
BITBing Theatre, 3500 Watt Way
BKFBrian Kennedy Field, 3515 McClintock Ave.
BKSPertusati University Bookstore, 840 Childs Way
BMHBooth Ferris Rehearsal Hall, 820 W. 34th St.
BMPBurbank Medical Plaza #2, 191 S. Buena Vista St., #310, Burbank
BMTBishop Medical Teaching and Research Bldg., 1333 San Pablo St.
BRIBridge Memorial Hall, 3670 Trousdale Pkwy.
BSRBirnkrant Residential College, 642 W. 34th St.
BTLBehavior Technology Labs, 250 N. Harbor Dr., Redondo Beach
BTPBeta Theta Pi fraternity, 2714 Portland Dr.
CABCMSC Administration Bldg., P.O. Box 398, Catalina Island, 90704
CALCarole Little Building, 3434 Grand Ave.
CAPCentury Apts., 3115 S. Orchard St.
CARCardinal Gardens, 3131 McClintock Ave.
CASCollege Academic Services Bldg., 3454 Trousdale Pkwy.
CBBCentury Boulevard Building, 6033 Century Blvd. #920, Los Angeles
CBGUniversity Gardens Apts., 1250 W. Jefferson Blvd.
CCCHealth Sciences Child Care Ctr., 2250 Alcazar St.
CDFCampus Development and Facilities Building, 3434 Grand Ave.
CEMCtr. for Electron Microscopy and Microanalysis, 814 W. 36th Pl.
CENCentennial Apts., 2390 Portland Ave.
CFHCromwell Athletic Field House, 3525 Watt Way
CGCCiti Group Center-Marshall School, 444 S. Flower St.
CHACommons House Apartments, 725-731 W. 32nd St.
CHPCtr. for Health Professions, 1540 Alcazar St.
CLHCollege House, 823 W. 34th St.
CNGCardinal ’N Gold, 737 W. 30th St.
COLCollege Residence Hall, 615 W. 35th St.
CSAClinical Sciences Annex, 2250 Alcazar St.
CSBCentral Services Bldg., 1501 N. Soto St.
CSCClinical Science Ctr., 2250 Alcazar St.
CTCCinema-Television Ctr. Complex, 3450 Watt Way
CTVCarson Television Ctr., 3450 Watt Way
CUBCredit Union Building, 3720 S. Flower St.
CWOChilds Way Bldg. I, 1012 Childs Way
CWTChilds Way Bldg. II, 1014 Childs Way
DACDoheny Arcadia Clinic, 622 W. Duarte Rd., Ste. 102, Arcadia
DCCDavidson Continuing Education Conference Ctr., 3415 S. Figueroa St.
DCFDelta Chi fraternity, 920 W. 28th St.
DEIEstelle Doheny Eye Institute, 1537 Norfolk St.
DENNorris Dental Science Ctr., 925 W. 34th St.
DMLDoheny Memorial Library, 3550 Trousdale Pkwy.
DMTMarks Tower, 612 W. Hellman Way
DNIDornsife Neuroscience Imaging Center, 3520-A McClintock Ave.
DOHEstelle Doheny Eye Foundation, 1355 San Pablo St.
DRBDenney Research Ctr., 1042 Downey Way
DRCDrama Ctr., 1029-33 Childs Way
DTDDelta Tau Delta fraternity, 801 West 28th St.
DXMMarks Residence Hall, David X., 631 W. Childs Way
ECTEarly Childhood Training Ctr., 741 W. 27th St.
EDMEdmondson Research Bldg., 1840 N. Soto St.
EEBHughes Aircraft Electrical Engineering Bldg., 3740 McClintock Ave.
EGGEgg Company II-746 W. Adams Blvd.
EHPEstrella Housing Partners, 1953 Estrella Ave.
ELBEast Library Bldg., 3440 S. Hope St.
EPSExposition Blvd. Parking Structure, 3533 S. Flower St.
ESHEngemann Student Health Center, 1031 W. 34th St.
EVKEVK Residence Hall, 635 W. 35th St.
FACUniversity Club, 645 Exposition Blvd.
FIGFigueroa Bldg., 3535 S. Figueroa St.
FLTFluor Tower, 1027 W. 34th St.
FMHForthmann House, 2801 South Hoover St.
FMLFeuchtwanger Memorial Library, 520 Paseo Miramar, Pacific Palisades
FMTFairmont Apts., 2629 Portland St.
FOBFord Office Bldg., 40365 Sand Dune Rd., Rancho Mirage
FPMFacilities Planning and Management Trailer, 3450 S. Vermont Ave.
FREFreeman House, 1962 Glencoe Way
FSHFounders Apts., 2610 Portland St.
GAHGamble House, 4 Westmoreland Pl., Pasadena
GAPGalen Athletic Pavilion, 3400 S. Figueroa St.
GECGalen Event Center, 3400 S. Figueroa St.
GEHMax Kade Ctr. I, 2712 S. Hoover St.
GERGerontology Ctr., Andrus, 3715 McClintock Ave.
GEXMax Kade House, 2718 S. Hoover St.
GFSGrace Ford Salvatori Hall of Letters, Arts and Sciences, 3601 Watt Way
GLBGeneral Labs Bldg., 1129 N. State St.
GNHGeneral County Hospital, 1937 Hospital Pl.
GPCGolf Practice Course, 1021 Childs Way
HAPHelena Apts., 1220 W. 28th St.
HARHarris Hall, University Art Galleries (Quinn Wing, Klinger Gallery and Fisher Gallery), 823-29 Exposition Blvd.
HCBCMSC Hyperbaric Chamber Building, P.O. Box 398, Catalina Island, Avalon
HCCHealth Care Consultation Ctr., 1510 San Pablo St.
HCTHealth Consultation Ctr. II, 1520 San Pablo St.
HEDHEDCO Petroleum & Chemical Engineering Bldg., 925 Bloom Walk
HERHeritage Hall, 3501 Watt Way
HHRHonors House, 2710 Severance St.
HILHillview Apts., 2605 Severance St.
HJFHoward Jones Football Practice Field, 3515 McClintock Ave.
HMRHoffman Medical Research Bldg., 2011 Zonal Ave.
HNBHEDCO Neurosciences Bldg., 3641 Watt Way
HOHHoffman Hall of Business Administration, 701 Exposition Blvd.
HPBHuntington Pavilion Bldg., 625 Fair Oaks Ave., Suite 400, Pasadena
HRAHealth Research Assn., 1640 Marengo St.
HRCHuman Relations Ctr., 1002 Childs Way
HRHHarris Residence Hall, 634 W. 34th St.
HSAHealth Sciences Alhambra, 1000 S. Fremont Ave., Alhambra, CA
HSHHazel and Stanley Hall Financial Services Bldg., 851 Downey Way
HSPHealth Sciences Campus Parking Structure, 1334 Biggy St.
HSRHoover Street Residence, 2827 Hoover St.
HUCHebrew Union College, 3077 University Ave..
IFTIckovics Family Trust Bldg.-Fine Arts, 3001 S. Flower St.
IMFIntramural Field, 3506 McClintock Ave.
IMSInstructional Media Services, 3399 Watt Way
IRCInternational Residential College, 3771 McClintock Ave.
IRDInterns and Residents Dormitory, 2020 Zonal Ave.
ISEInformation Science Institute East, 3811 N. Fairfax Dr., Arlington, VA
ISIInformation Science Institute, 4676 Admiralty Way, Marina del Rey
JEFJefferson Bldg., 950 W. Jefferson Blvd.
JEPJoint Educational Project House, 801 W. 34th St.
JHHJohn Hubbard Hall, Student Administrative Services, 700 Childs Way
JKPJane Popovich and J. Kristoffer Popovich Hall, 611 Exposition Blvd.
JMAJewel Manor Apartments, 2801 Orchard Ave.
JMCJohn McKay Ctr., 940 W. 35th St.
KABKennedy Family Aquatics Bldg., 1026 W. 34th St.
KAMKeith Administration Bldg.; Mayer Medical Teaching Ctr., 1975 Zonal Ave.
KAPKaprielian Hall, 3620 S. Vermont Ave.
KCHKerckhoff Carriage House, 734 W. Adams Blvd.
KERKerckhoff Hall, 734 W. Adams Blvd.
KOHFrank L. King Olympic Hall of Champions, 1025 W. 34th St.
LABLa Sorbonne Apts., 1170 W. 31st St.
LACLos Angeles County + USC Hospital, 1200 N. State St.
LAWElvon and Mabel Musick Law Bldg., 699 Exposition Blvd.
LCALambda Chi Alpha fraternity, 720 W. 28th St.
LHIDonald P. and Katherine B. Loker Hydrocarbon Inst., 837 Bloom Walk
LJSLaird J. Stabler Memorial Hall, 840 Downey Way
LMJLorraine and Marvin Jacobs Bldg., 1150 S. Hope St., Unit B
LRCGeneral William Lyon University Ctr., 1026 W. 34th St.
LTSKatherine B. Loker Track Stadium, 3550 McClintock Ave.
LVLThomas and Dorothy Leavey Library, 650 W. 35th St.
MABManor Apts., 2636 Portland St.
MACMcDonalds Olympic Swim Stadium, 3441 McClintock Ave.
MBCMcDonald Becket Center, 850 W. Bloom Walk
MCAMcKibben Addition, 1333 San Pablo St.
MCCMcClintock Building, 1010 W. Jefferson Blvd.
MCHMcKibben Hall, 1333 San Pablo St.
MCTMcCulloch Townhomes, 953 W. 30th St.
MFTMani Figueroa Tower, 801 S. Figueroa St.
MHPMudd Memorial Hall of Philosophy, 3709 Trousdale Pkwy.
MMRMudd Memorial Research Bldg., 1333 San Pablo St.
MOLMedical Oncology Lab, 1237 N. Mission Rd.
MRFMontgomery Ross Fisher Bldg., 669 W. 34th St.
MSCMarine Sciences Ctr. Lab, Catalina Island
MSRMarine Science Center Residence Hall, Catalina Island
MTSMarks Tennis Stadium, 1075 Childs Way
MUSAlbert S. Raubenheimer Music Faculty Memorial Bldg., 840 W. 34th St.
MVBMountain View Bldg., 480 San Antonio Rd., Mountain View
NCCNewman Catholic Ctr., 3207 University Ave.
NCTNorris Cinema Theatre, 3507 Trousdale Pkwy.
NEWNew Residential College, 635 W. 35th St.
NMLNorris Medical Library, 2003 Zonal Ave.
NORUSC/Norris Comprehensive Cancer Ctr., 1441 Eastlake Ave.
NRCNorth Residential College, 635 W. 35th St.
NRTHarlyne J. Norris Research Tower, 1450 Biggy St.
NTTDr. Norman Topping Tower, 1441 Eastlake Ave.
OCCOrange County Ctr., 2300 Michelson Dr., Irvine, 92714
OCWOrganic Chemistry Wing, 810 Downey Way
OHEOlin Hall of Engineering, 3650 McClintock Ave.
ONEOne Institute, 909 W. Adams Blvd.
OSPOur Savior Parish and USC Caruso Catholic Center, 844 W. 32nd St.
PCAPacific Apts., 2637 Severance St.
PCEPetroleum and Chemical Engineering Bldg., 923 Bloom Walk
PEDPhysical Education Bldg., 3560 Watt Way
PHEPowell Hall, 3737 Watt Way
PHHPhinney Hall, 1721 Griffin Ave.
PKSParkside Apts., 3730 S. McClintock Ave.
PMBParkview Medical Bldg., 1420 San Pablo St.
PRBParkside Residential Building, 920 West 37th Place
PSAParking Structure A, Lot 33, 3667 McClintock Ave.
PSBParking Structure B, Lot 1, 1150 Jefferson Blvd.
PSCJohn Stauffer Pharmaceutical Sciences Ctr., 1985 Zonal Ave.
PSDParking Structure D, 649 W. 34th St.
PSHPortland House, 2720 Portland St.
PSOParking Structure One, 3701 S. Flower St.
PSXParking Structure C, 620 W. McCarthy Way
PTDPardee Tower, 614 Hellman Way
PVBPlaya Vista Building, 12015 E. Waterfront Dr.
RANHoffman Contracts Bldg., 3716 S. Hope St.
REGRegistration Bldg., 601 Exposition Blvd.
RGARegent Apts., 1138 W. 29th St.
RGLRalph and Goldy Lewis Hall, 650 Childs Way
RHMRamo Hall of Music, 830 W. 34th St.
RHRRadisson Hotel Restaurant, 3520 S. Figueroa St.
RMCRedeemer Missionary Church, 1631 W. Adams Blvd.
RMHRadisson Midcity Hotel, 3540 S. Figueroa St.
RMRRaulston Medical Research Bldg., 2025 Zonal Ave.
ROYRoyal St. House, 3014 Royal St.
RRBRapp Engineering Research Bldg., 854 Downey Way
RRIRay R. Irani Hall, 1050 Childs Way
RTARegal Trojan Apts., 870 W. Adams Blvd.
RTHRonald Tutor Hall of Engineering, 3710 McClintock Ave.
RZCRobert Zemeckis Ctr. for Digital Arts, 3131 S. Figueroa St.
SACSacramento Center, 1800 I Street, Sacramento, CA
SAIStardust Apts., 634 W. 27th St.
SALSalvatori Computer Science Ctr., 941 Bloom Walk
SCASchool Of Cinematic Arts, 900 W. 34th St.
SCBSchool Of Cinematic Arts, Bldg. B, 930 W. 34th St.
SCCSchool Of Cinematic Arts, Bldg. C, 935 W. 35th St.
SCDScene Dock (Theatre), 1030 W. 37th St.
SCESchool Of Cinematic Arts Bldg. E, 905 W. 35th St.
SCPSouth Coast Plaza Bldg., 3333 Bristol St., Costa Mesa
SCXSchool Of Cinematic Arts, Bldg. D, 915 W. 35th St.
SGASeven Gables Apts., 620-626 W. 30th St.
SGMSeeley G. Mudd Bldg., 3620 McClintock Ave.
SHCStudent Health Ctr., 849 W. 34th St.
SHSStauffer Hall of Science, 835 Bloom Walk
SIESierra Apts., 2638 Portland St.
SKSSteven and Kathryn Sample Hall, 3607 Trousdale Pkwy.
SLHStauffer Science Lecture Hall, 831 Bloom Walk
SMFSoni-McAlister Field, 3000 S. Hoover St.
SNASenator Apts., 1101-1109 W. 28th St.
SOSSocial Science Bldg., 3520 Trousdale Pkwy.
SPAShrine Place Apartments, 3015-3017 Shrine Pl.
SRHSeaver Residence Hall, 1969 Zonal Ave.
SSASeverance St. Apts., 2630 Severance St.
SSBSoto Street Building, 2001 N. Soto St.
SSCSeaver Science Ctr., 920 Bloom Walk
SSHSeverance Street House (USC Childcare), 2716 Severance St.
SSLSeaver Science Library, 910 Bloom Walk
SSSSpielberg Music Scoring Stage, 3450 Watt Way
STOStonier Hall, 837 Downey Way
STUGwynn Wilson Student Union Bldg., 3601 Trousdale Pkwy.
SUNSunset Apts., 1144 W. 29th St.
SWCSocial Work Ctr., 655 W. 34th St.
TAPTroyland Apts., 955-959 W. Adams Blvd.
TCCRonald Tutor Campus Center, 3607 Trousdale Parkway
TCXTennis Court I, 1015 Childs Way
TGFTown and Gown, 665 Exposition Blvd.
THHTaper Hall of Humanities, 3501 Trousdale Pkwy.
THRTwo Harbors Residences, Two Harbors, Catalina Island
TMCThe Music Complex, 3450 Watt Way
TOWTower Hall, 1711 N. Griffin Ave.
TPATwin Palms Apts., 2635 Portland St.
TRHTroy Hall, 3025 Royal St.
TROTrojan Hall, 615 Childs Way
TSATerrace Apts., 2822-2830 Ellendale Pl.
TTLTechnical Theatre Lab., 1020 Bloom Walk
TUSTuscany, 3760 S. Figueroa St.
TYLTyler Bldg., 3601 S. Flower St.
UGBUniversity Gardens, 3500 S. Figueroa St.
UGWUniversity Gateway, 3335 S. Figueroa St.
UHPUniversity Hosp. Parking, 1538 San Pablo St.
UNHUSC University Hosp., 1500 San Pablo St.
UPXUniversity Parking Ctr., 3401 S. Grand Ave.
URAUniversity Regent Apts., 1219 W. 27th St.
URCUniversity Religious Ctr., 835 W. 34th St.
URHUniversity Residence Hall, 616 W. 34th St.
UUCUnited University Church, 817 W. 34th St.
UVIUniversity Village, 3375 S. Hoover St.
VBBValley Blvd. Bldg., 4351 E. Valley Blvd.
VHEVivian Hall of Engineering, 3651 Watt Way
VISVista Apts., 2701 Severance St.
VKCVon KleinSmid Ctr. for International and Public Affairs, 3518 Trousdale Pkwy.
VWBValley Warehouse Bldg., 4121 Valley Blvd.
WAHWatt Hall of Architecture and Fine Arts, 850 Bloom Walk
WINWindsor Apts., 1149 W. 28th St.
WPHWaite Phillips Hall, 3470 Trousdale Pkwy.
WTOWebb Tower, 1015 W. 34th St.
ZHSZumberge Hall of Science, 3651 Trousdale Pkwy.
ZNIZilkah Neurogenetic Institute, 1501 San Pablo St.