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Lyon Center Waiver Requirement

All USC students are required to complete and submit the online General Release of Liability Waiver before using the Lyon Center and McDonald's Pool. Students can print a copy of the waiver from the Recreational Sports Web site at and mail or fax it to USCard Services at 649 W. 34th Street, Los Angeles, CA 90089-1623, (213) 740-7253 (fax).

The waiver only needs to be submitted once and can be found on the Recreational Sports Web site at This policy includes students in physical education classes, sports club members and participants in intramural sports.

Students over the ages of 18 are encouraged to complete the online form on the Recreational Sports Web site; processing takes 24 hours. Students under 18 years of age must have a hard copy waiver signed by their parents; processing takes three to five business days.

Before completing the Lyon Center waiver, students must resolve all USCard issues (including lost or stolen cards) through the USCard Office. In instances where there is an incorrect date of birth in the student record, students will be notified. They must go in person to the Registrar's office (Hubbard Hall Lobby) to update their records before completing the Lyon Center waiver.

For additional information, email USC Recreational Sports at