USC University of Southern California Schedule of Classes

General Education Courses

Category I: Western Cultures and Traditions

HIST 103gThe Emergence of Modern Europe
PHIL 155gModern Philosophy and the Meaning of Life
PHIL 220gScience, Religion and the Making of the Modern Mind

Category II: Global Cultures and Traditions

ANTH 100gPrinciples of Human Organization: Non-Western Societies
ANTH 263gExploring Culture Through Film
COLT 102gOn Location: The Place of Literature in Global Cultures

Category III: Scientific Inquiry

ASTR 100LxgThe Universe
BISC 120LxgGeneral Biology: Organismal Biology and Evolution
CHEM 105aLgGeneral Chemistry
GEOL 107LgOceanography
PHYS 151LgFundamentals of Physics I: Mechanics and Thermodynamics

Category IV: Science and Its Significance

ANTH 200LgThe Origins of Humanity
EXSC 205LxgThe Science of Human Performance

Category V: Arts and Letters

ARLT 100gArts and Letters
ARLT 101gStudies in Arts and Letters

Category VI: Social Issues

POSC 130gLaw, Politics and Public Policy
POSC 265gEnvironmental Challenges
SOCI 142gmDiversity and Racial Conflict
SOCI 169gmChanging Family Forms