Social Work - Virtual Academic Center 589b:

Applied Learning in Field Education (3.0 units)

Supervised field education where students learn to apply coursework concepts while practicing in a field setting that aligns with students academic department. Concurrent enrollment SOWK 588. Graded IP/CR/NC. (Duplicates credit in SOWK 586b)
67132D735LectureTBATBA23 of 25Karen GreenVACPDF (492508 KB)notesession dates
67133D735LectureTBATBA22 of 24Jennifer PargaVACPDF (978733 KB)notesession dates
67134D735LectureTBATBA22 of 24Renee MichelsenVACPDF (457882 KB)notesession dates
67135D735LectureTBATBA18 of 24Laura CardinalVACPDF (528801 KB)notesession dates
67136D735LectureTBATBA7 of 12Pam FranzwaVACWord (223028 KB)notesession dates
67137D735LectureTBATBA23 of 26Tina FietsamVACWord (108768 KB)notesession dates
67138D735LectureTBATBA23 of 24Char ScottVACnotesession dates
67280D735LectureTBATBA9 of 24Tina FietsamVACWord (108847 KB)notesession dates

Concurrent Course
SOWK 588: Integrative Learning for Social Work Practice (2.0 units)

Integrative learning organized as a small group educational environment that incorporates field experiences, case vignettes, and dialogical inquiry through a Problem Based Learning framework. Graded CR/NC. (Duplicates credit in former SOWK-587ab)
    67118D735Lecture7:00-8:15amMonday11 of 12Karen GreenVACPDF (384826 KB)notesession dates
    12 of 12
    Karen GreenVACPDF (384947 KB)notesession dates
    67120D735Lecture10:15-11:30amTuesday11 of 12Jennifer PargaVACPDF (765465 KB)notesession dates
    67121D735Lecture12:00-1:15pmTuesday11 of 12Jennifer PargaVACnotesession dates
    67122D735Lecture10:15-11:30amTuesday9 of 12Renee MichelsenVACWord (308170 KB)notesession dates
    13 of 12
    Renee MichelsenVACWord (308154 KB)notesession dates
    67124D735Lecture1:00-2:15pmWednesday11 of 12Laura CardinalVACPDF (405411 KB)notesession dates
    67125D735Lecture2:45-4:00pmWednesday8 of 12Laura CardinalVACPDF (405427 KB)notesession dates
    67126D735Lecture4:00-5:15pmWednesday7 of 12Pam FranzwaVACWord (209384 KB)notesession dates
    67127D735Lecture5:45-7:00pmWednesday8 of 12Tina FietsamVACWord (209550 KB)notesession dates
    67128D735Lecture4:00-5:15pmThursday11 of 12Tina FietsamVACWord (209629 KB)notesession dates
    12 of 12
    Tina FietsamVACWord (209642 KB)notesession dates
    67130D735Lecture7:00-8:15amFriday11 of 12Char ScottVACWord (209397 KB)notesession dates
    12 of 12
    Char ScottVACWord (209397 KB)notesession dates
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