Journalism 321:

Visual Journalism (2.0 units)

Video for digital platforms, principles of photography, design for web and mobile platforms. Introduction to principles of digital news design, interactivity and presentation in interactive storytelling.
  • Restriction: Registration open to the following major(s): Journalism
  • Concurrent enrollment: JOUR 207
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Justin R. ChingANN307PDF (263200 KB)session dates
21168D001Lecture4:00-5:40pmTuesday10 of 12Justin R. ChingANN307PDF (264062 KB)session dates
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Robert Meeks IIIANN307PDF (342180 KB)session dates
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Daniella KwongANN307Word (547903 KB)session dates
21171D001Lecture4:30-6:10pmTuesday10 of 12Olivia SmithANN301DPDF (498931 KB)session dates
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Olivia SmithANN307PDF (483166 KB)session dates
21174D001Lecture2:30-4:10pmTuesday11 of 12Fernando HurtadoANN308Word (554625 KB)session dates

Concurrent Course
JOUR 207: Reporting and Writing I (3.0 units)

Provides students with foundational skills to report, write and produce journalism content across multiple platforms, including broadcast, digital and text.
  • Restriction: Registration open to the following major(s): Journalism
21092D001Lecture6:30-9:00pmTuesday11 of 13Luke HaroldANN201Word (552497 KB)session dates
21093D001Lecture9:00-11:30amTuesday12 of 13Alan MittelstaedtANN408PDF (452362 KB)session dates
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Henry JacksonANN308Word (554633 KB)session dates
21096D001Lecture9:00-11:30amTuesday10 of 12Ron GroverANN413Word (583962 KB)session dates
21097D001Lecture9:00-11:30amWednesday11 of 12Saba HamedyANN308Word (584511 KB)session dates
21098D001Lecture9:00-11:30amWednesday11 of 12Alan AbrahamsonANN307Word (581905 KB)session dates
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Christina BellantoniANN307PDF (413955 KB)session dates
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