Social Work 698b:

Integrative Learning for Advanced Social Work Practice (1.0 unit)

Advanced integrative learning builds on 698A by incorporating field experiences, case/best practices consultations, and dialogical inquiry on micro, mezzo, and macro practice levels. Concurrent enrollment: SOWK 699b. Graded IP/CR/NC.
67200D735Lecture7:00-8:35amMonday10 of 11Danielle BrownVACWord (198163 KB)notesession dates
12 of 12
Danielle BrownVACWord (198216 KB)notesession dates
67202D735Lecture10:00-11:35amMonday9 of 10Char ScottVACWord (198642 KB)notesession dates
8 of 8
Char ScottVACWord (198697 KB)notesession dates
67204D735Lecture4:00-5:35pmMonday8 of 10Louis HeitVACPDF (696713 KB)notesession dates
13 of 13
Renee MichelsenVACnotesession dates
67206D735Lecture7:00-8:35amTuesday10 of 11Melissa SinghVACPDF (348172 KB)notesession dates
10 of 10
Melissa SinghVACPDF (344587 KB)notesession dates
67208D735Lecture10:00-11:35amTuesday10 of 11Brittani MorrisVACPDF (346456 KB)notesession dates
67209D735Lecture12:05-1:40pmTuesday8 of 9Brittani MorrisVACPDF (348844 KB)notesession dates
67210D735Lecture4:00-5:35pmWednesday10 of 11Susan HessVACPDF (527914 KB)notesession dates
11 of 11
Susan HessVACPDF (527914 KB)notesession dates
9 of 9
Renee MichelsenVACnotesession dates
11 of 11
Renee MichelsenVACnotesession dates
11 of 11
Kerry DoyleVACWord (209894 KB)notesession dates
11 of 11
Kerry DoyleVACWord (209926 KB)notesession dates
67216D735Lecture4:00-5:35pmThursday11 of 12Jacquelyn Williams BrooksVACWord (199913 KB)notesession dates
10 of 10
Jacquelyn Williams BrooksVACWord (199913 KB)notesession dates
67218D735Lecture7:00-8:35amFriday9 of 10Char ScottVACWord (199456 KB)notesession dates
67219D735Lecture9:05-10:40amFriday10 of 11Jennifer PargaVACPDF (733262 KB)notesession dates
67220D735Lecture7:00-8:35amMonday11 of 12Rebecca RasmussenVACWord (138418 KB)notesession dates
67221D735Lecture9:05-10:40amMonday8 of 9Tina FietsamVACWord (199527 KB)notesession dates
10 of 10
Jennifer PargaVACPDF (733262 KB)notesession dates

Concurrent Course
SOWK 699b: Advanced Applied Learning in Field Education (4.0 units)

Advanced supervised field education where students practice social work skills and apply evidence-based interventions, including some that are specific to their academic department. Concurrent enrollment SOWK 698b. Graded CR/NC. (Duplicates credit in SOWK 686b).
    67223D735LectureTBATBA22 of 23Danielle BrownVACWord (115752 KB)notesession dates
    67224D735LectureTBATBA19 of 21Char ScottVACWord (116891 KB)notesession dates
    10 of 10
    Louis HeitVACPDF (1305699 MB)notesession dates
    13 of 13
    Renee MichelsenVACnotesession dates
    67227D735LectureTBATBA20 of 21Melissa SinghVACPDF (557456 KB)notesession dates
    67228D735LectureTBATBA18 of 20Brittani MorrisVACPDF (558486 KB)notesession dates
    67229D735LectureTBATBA21 of 22Susan HessVACnotesession dates
    67230D735LectureTBATBA20 of 22Renee MichelsenVACnotesession dates
    67231D735LectureTBATBA22 of 23Kerry DoyleVACWord (135087 KB)notesession dates
    67232D735LectureTBATBA21 of 23Jacquelyn Williams BrooksVACnotesession dates
    67233D735LectureTBATBA7 of 10Char ScottVACWord (116891 KB)notesession dates
    67234D735LectureTBATBA10 of 11Jennifer PargaVACPDF (1370931 MB)notesession dates
    67235D735LectureTBATBA11 of 12Rebecca RasmussenVACWord (117525 KB)notesession dates
    67236D735LectureTBATBA8 of 9Tina FietsamVACWord (117753 KB)notesession dates
    67237D735LectureTBATBA10 of 11Jennifer PargaVACPDF (1370931 MB)notesession dates
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