General Education Seminar 120g:

Seminar in Humanistic Inquiry (4.0 units)

Interpretation and analysis of works of the imagination, exploring language, thought, and cultural traditions in relation to one another. (Satisfies GE-B, Humanistic Inquiry) Open only to Freshmen.
  • Restriction: Registration open to the following class level(s): Freshmen
  • General Education: This course satisfies the university's general education requirement.
Conquest and Revolution in 20th-Century Mexican Literary and Visual Texts
35327D001Lecture8:30-9:50amMon, Wed
16 of 16
Liana StepanyanTHH217session dates
Brazil and Its Others in Literature and Film
35328D001Lecture8:30-9:50amMon, Wed13 of 15Brenno Kaneyasu MaranhaoWPH205session dates
Nature, Environment, and Asian America, 1850-Present
35331D001Lecture9:30-10:50amTue, Thu
15 of 15
Ashanti ShihLVL3Vsession dates
Strangers at Home
35333D001Lecture9:30-10:50amTue, Thu9 of 15Natalie BelisleVKC200PDF (105146 KB)session dates
Mindfulness in Cultural Practices
35334D001Lecture9:30-10:50amTue, Thu18 of 19Thomas WardGFS229session dates
A Sea of History Writing the Caribbean
35336D001Lecture9:30-10:50amTue, Thu14 of 15Ronald Mendoza-De JesusWPH202session dates
Kings and Heroes, Villains and Saints
35338D001Lecture9:30-10:50amTue, Thu17 of 18Hani KhafipourVKC254session dates
Science in Western Philosophy
35339D001Lecture10:00-10:50amMWF14 of 15Zlatan DamnjanovicVKC254Word (39823 KB)session dates
From NAFTA to Narcos-- Globalization in Contemporary Latin American Literature and Film
35340D001Lecture11:00-11:50amMWF14 of 16Jamie FudaczVKC254session dates
Technology and the Pursuit of Power
35341D001Lecture11:00-12:20pmTue, Thu
18 of 18
Layne KarafantisSOSB37session dates
Modern Russian Culture
35342D001Lecture11:00-12:20pmTue, Thu14 of 15Colleen McQuillenGFS212session dates
Women and Revolution in the Middle East
35343D001Lecture11:00-12:20pmTue, Thu
17 of 17
Sarah GualtieriVKC207session dates
The Problem of Evil in Literature and Film
35344D001Lecture11:00-12:20pmTue, Thu13 of 15Candice LevyVKC258session dates
Cleopatra's World
35345D001Lecture11:00-12:20pmTue, Thu
15 of 15
Christelle Fischer-BovetVKC256PDF (534767 KB)session dates
Crime and Punishment in Los Angeles
35346D001Lecture11:00-12:20pmTue, Thu
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Christopher FreemanVKC200Word (138415 KB)session dates
Women, Power, and Public Memory
35349D001Lecture11:00-12:20pmTue, Thu
15 of 15
Julia LewandoskiVPD107session dates
The Apocalypse in Literature, Art and Film
17 of 17
Michael Du PlessisTHH119session dates
Divine Women in the West: Their Rise and Fall
35351D001Lecture12:30-1:50pmTue, Thu
17 of 17
Kathryn DickasonKAP164session dates
Masterpieces of the Short Story
35352D001Lecture12:30-1:50pmTue, Thu
16 of 16
Alexander ZholkovskyVKC252session dates
Representing the Holocaust
35353D001Lecture12:30-1:50pmTue, Thu
16 of 16
Sharon Gillerman,
Leah Hochman
VKC258session dates
Thai Literature and Popular Culture
35354D001Lecture12:30-1:50pmTue, Thu
16 of 16
Brian BernardsVKC256PDF (637151 KB)session dates
Eastern European Crime Stories--Legal Fiction from Crime to Punishment
35355D001Lecture12:30-1:50pmTue, Thu
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Anna KrakusVKC200session dates
Human Reason--Its Scope and Limits
35356D001Lecture12:30-1:50pmTue, Thu
18 of 18
Janet LevinVKC255session dates
The Ethics in Islamic Thought and Literature
35357D001Lecture12:30-1:50pmTue, Thu
19 of 19
Arjun NairGFS228session dates
The Stories We Tell
35358D001Lecture12:30-1:50pmTue, Thu
15 of 15
Daniel RichterVPD107session dates
Classics in Greek Literature and Philosophy
15 of 15
Kevin RobbVKC201session dates
From NAFTA to Narcos: Globalization in Contemporary Latin American Literature and Film
16 of 16
Jamie FudaczTHH214session dates
The Power of Stories--Tribal Identity in Contemporary America
35363D001Lecture2:00-3:20pmMon, Wed18 of 19Antonio IdiniWPH203Word (37593 KB)session dates
Women, Writing, and Visuality in Modern China
35364D001Lecture2:00-3:20pmMon, Wed
19 of 19
Geraldine FissVKC210PDF (178334 KB)session dates
Engineering California: Technology from Sutter's Mill to Silicon Beach
35365D001Lecture2:00-3:20pmMon, Wed
16 of 16
Peter WestwickVKC257session dates
Italianisms: Introduction to Modern Italy
35366D001Lecture2:00-3:20pmMon, Wed13 of 16Jonathan MullinsVKC256session dates
Conquest and Revolution in 20th-Century Mexican Literary Visual Texts
35367D001Lecture2:00-3:20pmMon, Wed
15 of 15
Liana StepanyanVKC200session dates
Free Will and Determinism
35368D001Lecture2:00-3:20pmMon, Wed16 of 17Kadri VihvelinGFS205session dates
Gender, Sexuality and Islam
35370D001Lecture2:00-3:20pmMon, Wed
12 of 10
Sara HaqKAP145session dates
A Sea of History Writing the Caribbean
35371D001Lecture2:00-3:20pmTue, Thu
15 of 15
Ronald Mendoza-De JesusSOSB37session dates
Anime, Comics, and the Japanese Experience of the Second World War Y
35372D001Lecture2:00-3:20pmTue, Thu
17 of 17
Benjamin UchiyamaVKC155session dates
The Romantic Hero(ine) in Russia and the West
35373D001Lecture2:00-3:20pmTue, Thu14 of 15Kelsey Rubin-DetlevVKC258session dates
Jewish Identity in Literature and Film
35374D001Lecture2:00-3:20pmTue, Thu8 of 15Leah HochmanWPH202session dates
Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Magical Realism
35375D001Lecture2:00-3:20pmTue, Thu
15 of 15
Marjorie BeckerWPH106session dates
On Beauty
35376D001Lecture2:00-3:20pmTue, Thu13 of 15Daniel TiffanyGFS229session dates
Humans and Animals in Classical Literature and Beyond
35377D001Lecture2:00-3:20pmTue, Thu13 of 15Lucas HerchenroederGFS228session dates
Genocide and Human Experience
35378D001Lecture2:00-3:20pmTue, Thu16 of 17Mehmet PolatelVKC158session dates
Philosophy and the Emotions
35380D001Lecture3:30-4:50pmMon, Wed
15 of 15
Jacob RossGFS229session dates
Ultra-close Readings of Hebrew Scriptures
35381D001Lecture3:30-4:50pmMon, Wed11 of 15Bruce ZuckermanGFS228session dates
Transforming Italy: Italian Literature Today
35382D001Lecture3:30-4:50pmMon, Wed
16 of 16
James FortneyVKC257session dates
Democracy, Diplomacy, and Duels -- Party Politics from the English Revolution to the Age of Hamilton
35383D001Lecture3:30-4:50pmMon, Wed
17 of 17
Amy WatsonVKC255session dates
Messiah--The History of an Idea
35384D001Lecture3:30-4:50pmMon, Wed
16 of 16
Joshua GarrowayVKC254session dates
On Beauty
35387D001Lecture3:30-4:50pmTue, Thu14 of 15Daniel TiffanyGFS229session dates
Crime Fiction - Hard-Boiled and Noir
35390D001Lecture5:00-6:20pmMon, Wed12 of 15Edwin HillVKC254PDF (1209503 MB)session dates
Vampires and Other Monsters in World Literature, Film and Art
35391D001Lecture5:00-6:20pmMon, Wed14 of 16Ellen OliveiraLVL3Ysession dates
Language, Law, and Literature
35392D001Lecture5:00-6:20pmTue, Thu11 of 15Sandra DisnerVKC254PDF (126882 KB)session dates
Writing About Place
35393D001Lecture6:00-7:20pmTue, Thu13 of 15Chris HawthorneTHH214session dates
Trouble As Their Business: Mid-20th Century Noir and Detective Fiction
35394D001Lecture5:00-6:20pmMon, Wed6 of 15Ben LevineVKC255Word (20900 KB)session dates
Vampires and Other Monsters in World Literature, Film, and Art
35395D001Lecture6:30-7:50pmMon, Wed16 of 17Ellen OliveiraLVL3Ysession dates
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