Community-Based Learning Courses

The following courses may include a community placement used to help students learn how to develop and apply knowledge, to work in diverse social settings, to become engaged in civic affairs, and to explore possible career paths and make professional contacts. Please note that this list is tentative and that specific course requirements often vary by professor.

Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences

ALI 256 High Intermediate Oral Communication for ITAs
AMST 101gmw Race and Class in Los Angeles
BISC 102Lxg Humans and Their Environment
BISC 150Lxg The Nature of Human Health and Disease
CLAS 151 The Legacy of Rome
COLT 302 Introduction to Literary Theory
COLT 374gm Women Writers in Europe and America
ECON 303 Intermediate Microeconomic Theory
ENGL 230 Shakespeare and His Times
ENGL 261 English Literature to 1800
ENGL 262 English Literature since 1800
ENGL 263 American Literature
ENGL 405 Fiction Writing
ENGL 406 Poetry Writing
ENGL 430 Shakespeare
ENST 100 Introduction to Environmental Studies
ENST 150 Environmental Issues in Society
FREN 250 French IV
FREN 300 French Grammar and Composition
FREN 310 Media French
FREN 330 Critical Writing in French
FSEM 100 Freshman Seminar: (W)rites of Passage
GEOG 257g Environment and Ethics
GEOL 105Lg Planet Earth
GEOL 107Lg Oceanography
GEOL 108Lg Crises of a Planet
GEOL 125Lg Earth History: A Planet and Its Evolution
GEOL 130Lg The Nature of Scientific Inquiry
GEOL 160 Introduction to Geosystems
GEOL 240Lg Earthquakes
GESM 130 Seminar in Social Analysis (Sociology of Youth, Culture)
GESM 131 Seminar in Social Analysis (Introduction to Education: Examining Critical Issues)
GESM 160 Seminar in Quantitative Reasoning
HBIO 200Lg The Human Animal
HBIO 202L Principles of Nutrition and Exercise
HBIO 203L Individualized Exercise Prescription
HBIO 205Lxg The Science of Sport
HBIO 301L Human Anatomy
HBIO 320 Muscle Physiology
HBIO 360 Nutrition and Disease
HBIO 400L Motor Control and Learning
HBIO 409 Metabolic Diseases
HIST 100gm The American Experience
HIST 101 State and Society in the Ancient World
HIST 240 History of California
IR 211g International Relations: Approaches to Research
MATH 229 Calculus III for Engineers and Scientists
MATH 245 Mathematics of Physics and Engineering I
PHIL 166gw Current Moral and Social Issues
POSC 323 Applied Politics
PSYC 100 Introduction to Psychology
PSYC 201Lg The Science of Happiness
PSYC 355 Social Psychology
PSYC 359 Interpersonal Relations
PSYC 462m Culture and Mental Health
SOCI 150gm Social Problems
SOCI 155gm Immigrant America
SOCI 169gm Changing Family Forms
SOCI 242g Sociology, Demography, and Health
SOCI 342m Race Relations
SOCI 350 Social Exclusion, Social Power, and Deviance
SOCI 351 Public Policy and Juvenile Justice
SOCI 360m Social Inequality: Class, Status, and Power
SOCI 369 The Family in a Changing Society
SPAN 220 Spanish III
SPAN 240 Spanish IV
SWMS 210 Social Analysis of Gender
SWMS 306 Introduction to LGBTQ Studies
WRIT 150 Writing and Critical Reasoning–Thematic Approaches

Marshall School of Business

BUAD 285 Accounting Fundamentals, Financial and Managerial Accounting
BUAD 302 Communication Strategy in Business
WRIT 340 Advanced Writing (for Business)

School of Dramatic Arts

THTR 468 Theatre in Education
THTR 477 Theatre and Therapy
THTR 578 Theatre of the Oppressed: Theory, Games, and Techniques
THTR 586a Applied Theatre Arts: Los Angeles Residency
THTR 587 Liberation Arts and Community Engagement — Theory

Viterbi School of Engineering

CSCI 201L Principles of Software Development
WRIT 340 Advanced Writing (for Engineers)


Roski School of Art and Design

FA 140x A Cultural Guide to Los Angeles
FA 419 Professional Internship in the Arts
FADN 402 Advanced Design Projects

Price School of Public Policy

PPD 240g Citizenship and Public Ethics
PPD 371 The Nonprofit Sector and the Public Interest

USC Chan Division of Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy

OT 220 Lifestyle Design: Introduction to Occupational Therapy
OT 250 Introduction to Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy
OT 251x Across the Lifespan: Occupations, Health and Disability
OT 310 Creativity Workshop
OT 312 Creating a Sustainable Lifestyle
OT 325 The Brain: Mind, Body, and Self
OT 330 Perspectives on the Daily Life of Families

Keck School of Medicine of USC

HP 408 Environmental Health in the Community