USC University of Southern California Schedule of Classes

General Education Course Offerings

Category I: Western Cultures and Traditions

AHIS 120gFoundations of Western Art
AMST 301gAmerica, the Frontier, and the New West
CLAS 151gCivilization of Rome
COLT 101gMasterpieces and Masterminds: Literature and Thought of the West
HIST 101gThe Ancient World
HIST 102gmMedieval People: Early Europe and its Neighbors, 400-1500
HIST 103gThe Emergence of Modern Europe
HIST 200gmThe American Experience
JS 100gJewish History
PHIL 101gPhilosophical Foundations of Modern Western Culture
PHIL 115gAncient Greek Culture and Society
PHIL 220gScience, Religion, and the Making of the Modern Mind
REL 111gThe World of the Hebrew Bible
REL 121gThe World of the New Testament
REL 125gIntroduction to Christianity

Category II: Global Cultures and Traditions

AHIS 128gArts of Latin America
AMST 135gmPeoples and Cultures of the Americas
ANTH 100gPrinciples of Human Organization: Non-Western Societies
ANTH 263gExploring Culture Through Film
ANTH 316gmNorth American Indians in American Public Life
CLAS 149gAncient Empires
COLT 102gOn Location: The Place of Literature in Global Cultures
EALC 110gEast Asian Humanities: The Great Tradition
EALC 125gIntroduction to Contemporary East Asian Film and Culture
EALC 352gChinese Literature and Culture
EALC 354gModern Chinese Literature in Translation
EASC 150gEast Asian Societies
HIST 106gChinese Lives: An Introduction to Chinese History
HIST 273gColonial Latin America
HIST 324gIslam in Russia and the Soviet Union
REL 134xgIntroduction to Buddhist Literature
SLL 330gRussian Thought and Civilization

Category III: Scientific Inquiry

ASTR 100LxgThe Universe
BISC 104LxgHow the Body Works: Topics in Human Physiology
BISC 120LgGeneral Biology: Organismal Biology and Evolution
BISC 121LgAdvanced General Biology: Organismal Biology and Evolution
CHEM 105aLgGeneral Chemistry
CHEM 115aLgAdvanced General Chemistry
GEOL 105LgPlanet Earth
GEOL 107LgOceanography
GEOL 130LgThe Nature of Scientific Inquiry
PHYS 100LxgThe Physical World
PHYS 151LgFundamentals of Physics I: Mechanics and Thermodynamics

Category IV: Science and its Significance

ANTH 200LgThe Origins of Humanity
BISC 102LxgHumans and Their Environment
BISC 150LxgThe Nature of Human Health and Disease
CHEM 203LxgChemistry in Life: AIDS Drug Discovery and Development
EXSC 205LxgThe Science of Human Performance
GEOG 260LgNatural Hazards
GEOG 265LgThe Water Planet
GEOL 108LgCrises of a Planet
GEOL 125LgEarth History: A Planet and Its Evolution
GEOL 150LgClimate Change
GEOL 240LgEarthquakes
LING 110LgIn a Word
LING 275LgLanguage and Mind
PHIL 285LgKnowledge, Explanation, and the Cosmos
PHYS 200LxgThe Physics and Technology of Energy: Keeping the Motor Running
PSYC 201LgThe Science of Happiness

Category V: Arts and Letters

ARLT 100gArts and Letters
ARLT 101gStudies in Arts and Letters

Category VI: Social Issues

AMST 101gmRace and Class in Los Angeles
AMST 252gmBlack Social Movements in the U.S.
ENST 150xgEnvironmental Issues in Society
GEOG 257gEnvironment and Ethics
HIST 225gFilm, Power, and American History
HIST 265gUnderstanding Race and Sex Historically
IR 101xgInternational Relations
JS 211gThe Holocaust
LING 115gLanguage, Society, and Culture
PHIL 137gmSocial Ethics for Earthlings and Others
PHIL 140gContemporary Moral and Social Issues
POSC 130gLaw, Politics and Public Policy
POSC 248gInternational Human Rights
REL 140gReligion and Ethical Issues
SOCI 150gmSocial Problems
SOCI 210gSocial Conflicts in Science and Technology
SOCI 220gmQuestions of Intimacy
SOCI 250gmGrassroots Participation in Global Perspective
SWMS 215gGender Conflict in Cultural Contexts