USC University of Southern California Schedule of Classes

Diversity Courses

All students must pass one course from the list of courses approved to meet the standard diversity requirement. These courses carry the designation "m" for multiculturalism.

AHIS 304mItalian Renaissance Art: Old Masters and Old Mistresses
AHIS 363mRace, Gender, and Sexuality in Contemporary Art
AMST 101gmRace and Class in Los Angeles
AMST 135gmPeoples and Cultures of the Americas
AMST 200mIntroduction to American Studies and Ethnicity
AMST 202mInterethnic Diversity in the West
AMST 206mThe Politics and Culture of the 1960s
AMST 220mThe Making of Asian America
AMST 252gmBlack Social Movements in the U.S.
AMST 285mAfrican American Popular Culture
AMST 332mPost-Civil Rights Black America
AMST 373mHistory of the Mexican American
AMST 377mLegacies of Viet Nam
AMST 378mIntroduction to Asian American History
AMST 449mAsian American Literature
ANTH 316gmNorth American Indians in American Public Life
ANTH 328mCulture Change and the Mexican People
ARCH 442mWomen's Spaces in History: "Hussies," "Harems," and "Housewives"
BUCO 333mCommunication in the Working World -- Managing Diversity and Conflict
COMM 324mIntercultural Communication
COMM 383mSports, Communication and Culture
COMM 395mGender, Media and Communication
COMM 458mRace and Ethnicity in Entertainment and the Arts
ENGL 445mThe Literatures of America: Cross-Cultural Perspectives
ENGL 447mAfrican-American Narrative
GEOG 100gmLos Angeles and the American Dream
GERO 380mDiversity in Aging
HIST 102gmMedieval People: Early Europe and its Neighbors, 400-1500
HIST 200mThe American Experience
HP 400mCulture, Lifestyle, and Health
HP 420mGender and Minority Health Issues
MUJZ 100xmJazz: A History of America's Music
MUJZ 419mThe Jazz Experience: Myths and Culture
MUSC 400mThe Broadway Musical: Reflection of American Diversity, Issues, and Experiences
MUSC 450mThe Music of Black Americans
PHIL 137gmSocial Ethics for Earthlings and Others
POSC 424mPolitical Participation and American Diversity
POSC 442mThe Politics of Human Differences: Diversity and Discrimination
PPD 250mThird World Cities
PPD 485mU.S. Immigration Policy
PSYC 462mMinority Mental Health
SOCI 142gmDiversity and Racial Conflict
SOCI 150gmSocial Problems
SOCI 155gmImmigrant America
SOCI 169gmChanging Family Forms
SOCI 200mIntroduction to Sociology
SOCI 250gmGrassroots Participation in Global Perspective
SOCI 342mRace Relations
SOCI 360mSocial Inequality: Class, Status, and Power
SOCI 435mWomen in Society
SOWK 200xmInstitutional Inequality in American Political and Social Policy
SPAN 413mSocial and Geographic Varieties of Spanish
SWMS 210gmSocial Issues in Gender
SWMS 301mIntroduction to Feminist Theory and the Women's and Men's Movements
THTR 393mCultural Identities in Performance
THTR 395mDrama as Human Relations