Placement Examinations

Math, Chemistry, Quantitative Reasoning and Foreign Language Placement Examinations

The Language Center administers math, chemistry, quantitative reasoning (QR) and foreign language placement exams. Placement exams are required for the following courses:

Mathematics – MATH 108, 117, 118, 125

Chemistry – CHEM 102, 105a and 050 (tutorial).

Quantitative Reasoning – GE-F (see below for important information)

QR exams must be taken during the first year of enrollment for students entering as freshmen and during the first semester of enrollment for students entering as transfers. Math and QR scores do not expire.

Foreign language placement exams are administered on scheduled dates throughout the academic year and during summers. Reservations are not required unless otherwise noted. Results are valid for one calendar year. Students must wait six months before retaking chemistry and foreign language placement exams.

Test Dates

Reservations are required for math, chemistry and QR placement exams. Unless otherwise noted on the schedule of testing, no reservations are required for foreign language placement exams. Test times, dates and sites can be found on the Language Center’s website. Contact the Language Center at (213) 740-1188 or

Testing Details

Only students admitted to USC may take the placement exams and are required to present their USC ID upon arrival. Students who do not have their USC ID can show another form of identification and proof of enrollment. Calculators are not permitted. There is no fee for taking placement exams.

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