Philosophy 590:

Directed Research (1.0-12.0 units)

Research leading to the master's degree. Maximum units which may be applied to the degree to be determined by the department. Graded CR/NC.
    49637D0011.0-12.0LectureTBATBA4 of 5Robin JeshionOFFICEsession dates
    49638D0011.0-12.0LectureTBATBA1 of 5Zoe Johnson KingOFFICEsession dates
    49639D0011.0-12.0LectureTBATBA1 of 5Jake NebelOFFICEsession dates
    49640D0011.0-12.0LectureTBATBA1 of 5Jeff RussellOFFICEsession dates
    49641D0011.0-12.0LectureTBATBA1 of 5Jonathan QuongOFFICEsession dates
    49642D0011.0-12.0LectureTBATBA3 of 5Mark SchroederOFFICEsession dates
    49643D0011.0-12.0LectureTBATBA1 of 5Scott SoamesOFFICEsession dates
    49644D0011.0-12.0LectureTBATBA0 of 5OFFICEsession dates
    49655D0011.0-8.0LectureTBATBA0 of 10OFFICEsession dates
    49656D0011.0-8.0LectureTBATBA0 of 10OFFICEsession dates
    49657D0011.0-8.0LectureTBATBA0 of 10OFFICEsession dates
    49658D0011.0-8.0LectureTBATBA1 of 10Scott SoamesOFFICEsession dates
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