Mathematics 114xg:

Foundations of Statistics (4.0 units)

An introduction to the basic tools of statistics. Descriptive statistics; probability; expected value; normal approximation sampling; chance models; tests of significance. Recommended preparation: MATH 040x or math placement exam. Not available for major credit to Math students.
  • General Education: This course satisfies the university's general education requirement.
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39410D001Lecture10:00-10:50amMWF38 of 49Cymra HaskellKAP163notesession dates
39411D001Discussion8:00-8:50amTue, Thu15 of 25KAP167session dates
39412D001Discussion9:00-9:50amTue, Thu23 of 25KAP167session dates
39413D001Lecture11:00-11:50amMWF36 of 49Sangchul LeeCPA156session dates
39414D001Discussion2:00-2:50pmTue, Thu21 of 25GFS229session dates
39415D001Discussion3:00-3:50pmTue, Thu15 of 25GFS229session dates
39416D001Lecture1:00-1:50pmMWF37 of 49Cymra HaskellGFS207session dates
39417D001Discussion12:00-12:50pmTue, Thu19 of 25GFS204session dates
39418D001Discussion1:00-1:50pmTue, Thu18 of 25VHE214session dates
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