Registration Calendar

Fall 2021

Registration dates apply only to courses that run from Aug. 23 – Dec. 3. For registration dates for specific courses, please find the course in the Schedule of Classes and click the calendar icon next to the course.

March 29-April 16 Registration for continuing students
April 19-Aug. 20 Registration for returning students and visiting students
Aug. 20 Last day to register and settle without late fee for Session 001
Aug. 23 Fall semester classes begin in Session 001
Aug. 23-27 Late registration and change of schedule for Session 001
Sept. 6 Labor Day, university holiday
Sept. 10 Deadline for purchasing or showing proof of health insurance
Sept. 10 Last day to register and add classes for Session 001
Sept. 10 Last day to drop a class without a mark of “W,” except for Monday-only classes, and receive a refund for Session 001
Sept. 10 Last day to change enrollment option to audit for Session 001
Sept. 10 Last day to purchase or waive tuition refund insurance for fall
Sept. 14 Last day to drop a Monday-only class without a mark of “W” and receive a refund or to change to Pass/No Pass or Audit for Session 001
Oct. 8 Last day to drop a course without a mark of “W” on the transcript only for session 001.
Mark of “W” will still appear on student record and STARS report and tuition charges still apply.
*Please drop any course by the end of week three for session 001 (or the 20 percent mark of the session in which the course is offered) to avoid tuition charges.
Oct. 8 Last day to change a Pass/No pass to a letter grade for Session 001.
Oct. 14-15 Fall recess
TBA For thesis/dissertation manuscript submission deadline, see
Nov. 24-28 Thanksgiving Break
Dec. 3 Fall semester classes end
Dec. 3 Last day to change enrollment option to Pass/No Pass for Session 001
Dec. 3 Last day to drop a class with a mark of “W” for Session 001
Dec. 4-7 Study days
Dec. 8-15 Final examinations
Dec. 16-Jan. 9, 2022 Winter Recess


Registration Dates Fall 2021

Currently Enrolled Students

Monday, March 15 Registration appointment times will be available for review online on, OASIS and Web Registration.
Monday, March 15 Students may obtain D class assignments and department advisement.
March 29-Aug. 19 Registration for continuing students via Web Registration.

Newly Admitted Undergraduate Students

Newly admitted undergraduate students register during orientation. New students should contact the Orientation Office to sign up for an orientation session.

Newly Admitted Graduate Students

Newly admitted graduate students are assigned a default date of June 1 for fall semester.

Limited Status Students

Limited status students may request Fall 2021 enrollment starting April 19 by contacting the Registrar One Stop Center or visiting the lobby of John Hubbard Hall.