Population and Public Health Sciences 510L:

Principles of Biostatistics (4.0 units)

Concepts of biostatistics; appropriate uses and common misuses of health statistics; practice in the application of statistical procedures; introduction to statistical software including EXCEL, SPSS, nQuery. Laboratory.
    41052D407LectureTBATBA22 of 30Melissa WilsonONLINEnotesession dates
    41053D046Lecture12:30-2:30pmWednesday20 of 35Richard WatanabeONLINEsession dates
    41061D407LectureTBATBA18 of 30Amanda GoodrichONLINEnotesession dates
    41070D407LectureTBATBA28 of 32Melissa WilsonONLINEnotesession dates
    41203D407LectureTBATBA26 of 30Melissa WilsonONLINEnotesession dates
    41073D046Lecture1:05-3:05pmFriday34 of 35Lingyun JiONLINEsession dates
    41071D046Lab3:10-5:10pmFriday34 of 35Lingyun JiONLINEsession dates
    41054D046Lab2:35-4:35pmWednesday20 of 35Richard WatanabeONLINEsession dates
    41066D407LabTBATBA18 of 30Amanda GoodrichONLINEnotesession dates
    41100D407LabTBATBA28 of 32Melissa WilsonONLINEnotesession dates
    41200D407LabTBATBA22 of 30Melissa WilsonONLINEnotesession dates
    41242D407LabTBATBA26 of 30Melissa WilsonONLINEnotesession dates
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