Social Work 589a:

Applied Learning in Field Education (3.0 units)

Supervised field education where students learn and apply evidence-based interventions and clinical skills in practice labs and social work settings. Concurrent enrollment: SOWK-544. Graded IP/CR/NC. (Duplicates credit in SOWK 586a)
67039D735Lecture7:00-9:30amMon, Wed9 of 10Jennifer PargaVACPDF (1158934 MB)session dates
67040D735Lecture9:45-12:15pmMon, Wed8 of 10Heidi KhalilVACWord (188808 KB)session dates
67041D735Lecture11:45-2:15pmMon, Wed9 of 10Rebecca RasmussenVACWord (150480 KB)session dates
67042D735Lecture4:15-6:45pmMon, Wed
10 of 10
Christopher AtkinsVACPDF (536834 KB)session dates
67043D735Lecture7:00-9:30amMon, Fri9 of 10Jacquelyn Williams BrooksVACWord (150091 KB)session dates
67044D735Lecture6:00-8:30pmMon, Wed9 of 10Louis HeitVACPDF (1090100 MB)session dates
67045D735Lecture7:00-9:30amTue, Thu
10 of 10
Kerry DoyleVACPDF (147247 KB)session dates
67046D735Lecture9:45-12:15pmTue, Thu7 of 10Lisa Wobbe-VeitVACPDF (805357 KB)session dates
67047D735Lecture11:45-2:15pmTue, Thu
10 of 10
Danielle BrownVACWord (148805 KB)session dates
67048D735Lecture2:00-4:30pmTue, Thu
10 of 10
Pam FranzwaVACWord (149049 KB)session dates
67049D735Lecture4:15-6:45pmTue, Thu9 of 10Tina FietsamVACWord (150750 KB)session dates
67050D735Lecture6:00-8:30pmTue, Thu9 of 10Elsa Garcia-SandaVACPDF (806420 KB)session dates
67051D735Lecture7:00-9:30amWed, Fri
10 of 10
Traysi ChongVACWord (149511 KB)session dates
67052D735Lecture9:45-12:15pmThu, Sat9 of 10Karen TinsleyVACPDF (542679 KB)session dates

Concurrent Course
SOWK 544: Social Work Practice With Individuals, Families, and Groups (3.0 units)

Principles underlying generic social work practice with emphasis on working with individuals, families, and groups. (Duplicates credit in SOWK 543 and SOWK 545)
    67017D735Lecture10:00-11:35amMonday9 of 13David BringhurstVACWord (151089 KB)session dates
    67018D735Lecture12:05-1:40pmMonday9 of 13David BringhurstVACWord (150935 KB)session dates
    67019D735Lecture7:00-8:35amTuesday12 of 13Steven BushVACWord (152008 KB)session dates
    67020D735Lecture9:05-10:40amTuesday11 of 13Steven BushVACWord (152008 KB)session dates
    14 of 13
    Shawnmari KaiserVACsession dates
    67022D735Lecture6:05-7:40pmWednesday11 of 13Shawnmari KaiserVACWord (155721 KB)session dates
    session dates
    67024D735Lecture6:05-7:40pmWednesday12 of 13Joseph HarperVACPDF (662077 KB)session dates
    67025D735Lecture4:00-5:35pmThursday12 of 13Steven BushVACWord (152898 KB)session dates
    67026D735Lecture6:05-7:40pmThursday12 of 13Steven BushVACWord (152898 KB)session dates
    13 of 13
    Wanda JewellVACsession dates
    67028D735Lecture12:05-1:40pmFriday11 of 13Wanda JewellVACsession dates
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