The Writer's Journey: Pilgrimage in India

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  • Note: For this experiential course, students will travel throughout northern India, from the funerary Ghats of Varanasi, to South Park Street Cemetery in Kolkata, the Taj Mahal mausoleum, The Golden Temple, Bodh Gaya, and Kiratpur, among others. While visiting significant historical and religious sites of each of Indias major religions, and meeting with locals, practitioners, and scholars, the class will consider the relationship between between spirituality and writing, between kinds of knowledge, between different written genres. Student-authors will be required to think carefully about audience, and the dynamic between the writer and the subject, including but not limited to their own positionality as westerners and consumers traveling in a country deeply affected by colonialism. The course invites consideration of how and why the written word can transmit spiritual truths, how experience of place translates into texts, and how traditional and modern forms of information sharing affect our perceptions of other people and places. For more information please contact Dr. Diana Blaine
  • Session Dates (session code 088)
    First day of classes:
    Monday, January 13, 2020
    Last day to add:
    Wednesday, February 12, 2020
    Last day to drop without a mark of "W" and receive a refund:
    Wednesday, February 12, 2020
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    Monday, March 23, 2020
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    Wednesday, May 13, 2020
    End of session:
    Monday, June 15, 2020
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