Physical Education 115:

Surfing (1.0 unit)

Fundamental instruction of surfing skills; water safety and wave etiquette; wave recognition and forecast interpretation; surf culture; board selection; surf related strengthening and conditioning.
  • Note: Only first class meets in PED pool. Subsequent classes meet at Santa Monica Beach. PLEASE BE ADVISED - students will need to pass a swim test BEFORE being allowed to enroll in the course. Swim test includes the following: 150 yard continuous swim in under 3 minutes, treading water for 10 minutes, surface dive with brick retrieval and 25 yard under water swim.
49950D001Lecture8:00-9:50amFriday17 of 19Ian CulbertsonPED210Word (30578 KB)notesession dates
49951D001Lecture10:00-11:50amFriday18 of 19Ian CulbertsonPED210Word (30578 KB)session dates
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