Learning Support

USC Kortschak Center for Learning and Creativity

The mission of the Kortschak Center for Learning and Creativity (KCLC) is to apply and engage in research and training to serve individuals with diverse learning needs and to empower students to reach their full academic and creative potential.

KCLC offers outreach, programming, and individual coaching services to USC undergraduates and departments to promote a campus-wide understanding of learning differences and their potential to facilitate creativity and academic excellence.

The KCLC is located in Student Union 311 and can be reached by email at kortschakcenter@usc.edu or at (213) 740-7884. For more information, visit the Website at kortschakcenter.usc.edu.

Disability Services and Programs

Disability Services and Programs (DSP) provides support and accommodations for students with disabilities. We serve undergraduate, graduate and professional students, as well as on-ground and on-line students in all credit-granting programs of study. DSP engages in an interactive review process to determine appropriate accommodations for each student, factoring in the student’s request, the nature of the student’s disability, functional limitations of the disability, the supporting documentation, and the fundamental requirements of courses, programs of study, and the University. DSP is part of the Division of Student Affairs, and while we are a separate department from other support, advocacy and counseling departments, we work closely with these and other resources on campus to best support student needs.
Please contact DSP by visiting in GFS 120, calling (213) 740-0776, emailing ability@usc.edu or reviewing our Website for more information (dsp.usc.edu).