Computer Science 103L:

Introduction to Programming (4.0 units)

Basic datatypes, assignments, control statements (if, switch, for, while), input/output (printf, scanf, cin, cout), functions, arrays, structures, recursion, dynamic memory, file handling. Programming in C/C++.
  • Corequisite: 1 from (CSCI 109 or EE 109)
  • Note: CSCI 103 is no longer accepting any additional D clearance requests.
29920D001Lecture11:00-12:20pmTue, Thu75 of 76Andrew GoodneyZHS352notesession datesbook list
29922D001Lecture2:00-3:20pmTue, Thu
75 of 75
Mark RedekoppSOSB46notesession datesbook list
30194D001Lecture2:00-3:20pmMon, Wed75 of 76Andrew GoodneyZHS352notesession datesbook list
30395D001Lecture9:30-10:50amTue, Thu69 of 76Andrew GoodneyZHS352notesession datesbook list
36 of 36
Andrew Goodney,Mark RedekoppSAL127session dates
30 of 30
Andrew Goodney,Mark RedekoppSAL109session dates
29914R001Lab4:00-5:50pmFriday34 of 36Mark Redekopp,Andrew GoodneySAL126session dates
30 of 30
Mark Redekopp,Andrew GoodneySAL109session dates
36 of 36
Mark Redekopp,Andrew GoodneySAL126session dates
36 of 36
Andrew Goodney,Mark RedekoppSAL126session dates
29927R001Lab12:00-1:50pmFriday35 of 36Andrew Goodney,Mark RedekoppSAL126session dates
30180R001Lab10:00-11:50amFriday28 of 30Andrew Goodney,Mark RedekoppSAL109session dates
30193R001Lab5:00-6:50pmFriday29 of 36Andrew Goodney,Mark RedekoppSAL127session dates
30024R001Quiz7:00-8:50pmThursday294 of 303TBAsession dates
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