USC University of Southern California Schedule of Classes

General Education Courses

Category I: Western Cultures and Traditions

AHIS 120g Foundations of Western Art
AMST 301g America, the Frontier, and the New West
CLAS 150g The Greeks and the West
CLAS 280g Classical Mythology
COLT 101g Masterpieces and Masterminds: Literature and Thought of the West
HIST 102gm Medieval People: Early Europe and Its Neighbors 400-1500
HIST 103g The Emergence of Modern Europe
HIST 200gm The American Experience
JS 100g Jewish History
PHIL 225g Love and its Representations in Western Literature, Philosophy, and Film
PHIL 262g Mind and Self: Modern Conceptions

Category II: Global Cultures and Traditions

AHIS 125g Arts of Asia: Antiquity to 1300
AMST 135gm Peoples and Cultures of the Americas
ANTH 263g Exploring Culture Through Film
ANTH 316gm North American Indians in American Public Life
CLAS 149g Ancient Empires
COLT 250g Cultures of Latin America
EALC 110g East Asian Humanities: The Great Tradition
EALC 125g Introduction to Contemporary East Asian Film and Culture
EALC 350g Chinese Civilization
EALC 352g Chinese Literature and Culture
EASC 150g East Asian Societies
HIST 106g Chinese Lives: An Introduction to Chinese History
HIST 324g Islam in Russia and the Soviet Union
REL 134xg Introduction to Buddhist Literature
SLL 330g Russian Thought and Civilization

Category III: Inquiry

ASTR 100Lxg The Universe
BISC 104Lxg How the Body Works: Topics in Human Physiology
BISC 120Lg General Biology: Organismal Biology and Evolution
BISC 121Lg Advanced General Biology: Organismal Biology and Evolution
CHEM 105aLg General Chemistry
CHEM 115aLg Advanced General Chemistry
GEOL 105Lg Planet Earth
GEOL 107Lxg Oceanography
GEOL 108Lg Crises of a Planet
GEOL 130Lxg The Nature of Scientific Inquiry
PHYS 100Lxg The Physical World
PHYS 151Lg Fundamentals of Physics I: Mechanics and Thermodynamics

Category IV: Science and Its Significance

ANTH 200Lg The Origins of Humanity
BISC 102Lxg Humans and Their Environment
BISC 150Lxg The Nature of Human Health and Disease
CHEM 203Lxg Chemistry in Life: AIDS Drug Discovery and Development
EXSC 205Lxg The Science of Human Performance
GEOG 260Lg Natural Hazards
GEOG 265Lg The Water Planet
GEOL 125Lxg Earth History: A Planet and Its Evolution
GEOL 150Lxg Climate Change
GEOL 240Lxg Earthquakes
LING 110Lg In a Word
LING 275Lg Language and Mind
PHYS 200Lxg The Physics and Technology of Energy: Keeping the Motor Running
PSYC 201Lg The Science of Happiness

Category V: Arts and Letters

ARLT 100g Arts and Letters
ARLT 101g Studies in Arts and Letters

Category VI: Social Issues

AMST 101gm Race and Class in Los Angeles
AMST 252gm Black Social Movements in the U.S.
ENST 150xg Environmental Issues in Society
GEOG 100gm Los Angeles and the American Dream
GEOG 257g Environment and Ethics
HIST 225g Film, Power, and American History
HIST 245gm Gender and Sexualities in American History
HIST 255g The Evolution Debates
HIST 265g Understanding Race and Sex Historically
JS 211g The Holocaust
LING 115g Language, Society, and Culture
PHIL 140g Contemporary Moral and Social Issues
POSC 130g Law, Politics and Public Policy
POSC 220g Critical Issues in American Politics
REL 140g Religion and Ethical Issues
SOCI 142gm Diversity and Racial Conflict
SOCI 150gm Social Problems
SOCI 155g Immigrant America
SOCI 169gm Changing Family Forms
SOCI 250gm Grassroots Participation in Global Perspective
SWMS 210gm Social Issues in Gender