USC University of Southern California Schedule of Classes

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American Language Institute (ALI)

ALI 103 Elective Courses in English as a Second Language for International Students
ALI 258 Writing Workshop
ALI 259 Oral Skills

Architecture, School of

Architecture (ARCH)

ARCH 105 Fundamentals of Design Communication
ARCH 207 Digital Tools for Architecture
ARCH 307 Digital Tools for Architecture
ARCH 501 Comprehensive Studio Support and Enrichment

Biokinesiology and Physical Therapy

Biokinsesiology (BKN)

BKN 559 Readings in Biokinesiology
BKN 588 Physiology and Biomechanics of Resistance Exercise
BKN 672 Advanced Independent Study in Biokinesiology

Physical Therapy (PT)

PT 547 Professional Practice: System Perspective
PT 551 Therapeutic Application of Physical Agents
PT 642a Evidence Based Practice

Business, Marshall School of

Accounting (ACCT)

ACCT 470ab Advanced External Financial Reporting Issues
ACCT 473 Financial Statement Auditing
ACCT 474 Tax Issues for Business

Graduate School of Business Administration (GSBA)

GSBA 564 Functional Strategies and Implementation
GSBA 574 The Executive of the Future

Cinematic Arts, School of

Production (CTPR)

CTPR 439 Seminar in Computer Editing
CTPR 506 Visual Expression
CTPR 535 Intermediate Editing
CTPR 540 Intermediate Sound
CTPR 543 Editing the Advanced Project
CTPR 551 Planning the Advanced Production
CTPR 582ab Advanced Production Seminar

Writing (CTWR)

CTWR 416 Motion Picture Script Analysis

Dentistry, School of

Craniofacial Biology (CBY)

CBY 673 Biomineralization

Education, Rossier School of

Education (EDUC)

EDUC 527 Assessment in the Language Classroom
EDUC 596 Assessment Seminar

Engineering, Viterbi School of

Information Technology Program (ITP)

ITP 104 Internet Publishing Technologies
ITP 109 Introduction to Java Programming

Fine Arts, Roski School of

Fine Arts (FA)

FA 418 Independent Studies in Studio Arts
FA 520 Individual Studies
FA 560 Studies in Two-Dimensional Media

French (FREN)

FREN 020 Course in Reading French I

German (GERM)

GERM 020 Course in Reading German

Italian (ITAL)

ITAL 020 Course in Reading Italian

Kinesiology (EXSC)

EXSC 203 Individualized Exercise Prescription

Music, Thornton School of

Composition (MUCO)

MUCO 438 Arranging for Marching Band
MUCO 441 Choral Arranging
MUCO 502 Introduction to the Analysis of Post-Tonal Music

Conducting (MUCD)

MUCD 441 Choral Conducting II
MUCD 653 Performance

Music Education (MUED)

MUED 505 Teaching and Learning Music
MUED 515 Using Technology in the Classroom
MUED 542 Orchestra Development

Music History and Literature (MUHL)

MUHL 588 Special Studies in Music Since 1900

Jazz Studies (MUJZ)

MUJZ 300 Non-Major Individual Instruction
MUJZ 301 Individual Instruction
MUJZ 501 Individual Instruction

Performance (Guitar) (MPGU)

MPGU 120a Beginning Pop/Rock Guitar
MPGU 300 Non-Major Individual Instruction
MPGU 301 Individual Instruction
MPGU 501 Individual Instruction
MPGU 653 Performance

Performance (Keyboard Studies) (MPKS)

MPKS 150ab Beginning Piano
MPKS 300 Non-Major Individual Instruction
MPKS 301 Individual Instruction
MPKS 501 Individual Instruction

Performance (Strings) (MPST)

MPST 300 Non-Major Individual Instruction
MPST 301 Individual Instruction
MPST 501 Individual Instruction

Performance (Vocal Arts) (MPVA)

MPVA 300 Non-Major Individual Instruction
MPVA 301 Individual Instruction
MPVA 501 Individual Instruction


Nautical Science (NAUT)

NAUT 301a Deepwater Cruising

Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy (OT)

OT 440Foundations of Occupation/Kinesiology
OT 500abcClinical Problems in Occupational Therapy

Theatre, School of (THTR)

THTR 122 Improvisation and Theatre Games
THTR 181ab Modern Dance
THTR 183ab Ballet
THTR 184ab Jazz Dance
THTR 188ab International Style Ballroom Dance
THTR 480 Performance for Camera
THTR 484 Acting in Television Commercials