USC University of Southern California Schedule of Classes

Summer Financial Aid

Limited summer financial aid is available to USC students. Students must meet certain conditions to qualify for the available programs. All programs, except Summer Federal Work-Study and some financing programs, require a minimum of half-time enrollment in the summer session. Contact your academic department directly for information on departmental aid which may be available for summer school. Review carefully the information below:

Summer Federal Work-Study

Summer enrollment at USC is not a prerequisite for the Summer Federal Work-Study program. Please note that due to the limited availability of funds, not all eligible applicants will receive awards. To be considered for a Summer Federal Work-Study award, a student must:

  • be admitted to USC, be a continuing student in good standing and intend to register at USC for the fall 2007 semester;
  • have met all initial financial aid requirements and deadlines for the academic year, as published by the Financial Aid Office;
  • meet all general eligibility requirements for financial aid, as published by the Financial Aid Office; and
  • submit a Summer Federal Work-Study application (available in late February), completed by both the student and the prospective employer, to the Financial Aid Office by the deadline indicated on the application. Summer Federal Work-Study applications are available at the Financial Aid Office.

Summer Loans

The following loan programs may be available to eligible students who enroll at least half time at USC (6 units for undergraduate students, 4 units for master’s candidates and 3 units for doctoral candidates) for the summer session: Subsidized and/or Unsubsidized Federal Stafford Loan and the Federal PLUS Loan (for parents of undergraduate students). To be eligible for a Federal Stafford Loan for the summer, you must meet additional conditions described on the Summer Loan Request Form available online at Other private financing programs are also available.

To apply for a summer Federal Stafford Loan, submit a completed Summer Loan Request Form to the Financial Aid Office. To apply for a summer PLUS Loan, attach a completed Summer Loan Request Form to the PLUS Loan application and return both to the Financial Aid Office. To apply for a private financing program, submit a Summer Loan Request Form to the Financial Aid Office and submit the private financing loan application directly to your lenders.

Note: You should apply for your loan(s) at least three weeks before the start of your first summer session. Not all students qualify for a summer loan. If you are relying on a summer loan to pay for your summer class(es), we strongly recommend that you apply early so that we can determine your eligibility before the deadline to withdraw from your class(es). Federal policy mandates that we disburse all loans in two installments: one at the beginning of the term and one at the mid-point of the term.

Summer Financing Programs

There are various private and federal financing programs available for the summer session. To apply a student must:

  • Submit a Summer Loan Request Form to the Financial Aid Office at least three weeks prior to the starting date for his or her first summer session. This form is available from the Financial Aid Office Web site at
  • Mail a completed loan application to the appropriate lender. Information for the various programs and applications may be found online at

Summer Federal Pell Grant

To be considered for a summer Federal Pell Grant, you must meet the following conditions:

  • be an undergraduate student who has not yet completed a first bachelor’s degree prior to the start of the summer session
  • complete a 2006-2007 FAFSA before June 30, 2007 and have unused eligibility for a Federal Pell Grant for the 2006-2007 academic year
  • complete a Summer Federal Pell Grant Application

You must not have used your full 2006-2007 Federal Pell Grant eligibility prior to the summer term. You must enroll at USC for 12 summer units to receive a full-time Federal Pell Grant payment. If you enroll less than full time, you may qualify for a prorated Pell Grant.

Summer Cal Grant Programs

Cal grants are not always available for summer payment. Current recipients who wish to inquire about information and deadlines for a summer grant must contact the California Student Aid Commission by calling (888) CA-GRANT. Students are cautioned that a summer session is equivalent to one semester of eligibility. We recommend that you use your award in such a way that you receive the most benefit from the program.