USC University of Southern California Schedule of Classes


Audited Courses

A course taken for audit (V) will be assessed at the current tuition rate. A course taken for audit (V) will not receive credit and will not appear on the USC transcript or grade report. A course taken for audit is not included in enrollment for purposes of receiving financial aid. Students may elect to audit courses during the first three weeks of the semester (or the third week equivalent deadline as applied during the summer). Under no circumstances will the university allow a petition to request to change the registration status of a course from a letter grade or credit to audit (V) or vice versa after the third week of a given semester (or the third week equivalent deadline during summer). Students may register for a course with the audit grade option on Web Registration.

Cancellation of Enrollment

You have three options if you wish to cancel or drop all enrolled classes: (1) complete a blue Request for Change of Program application in person in the Registration Building lobby; (2) send a letter requesting to withdraw from all classes to the USC Registration Department, 601 Exposition Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90089-0912; or, (3) send a FAX to the Registration Department at (213) 821-3724 requesting to withdraw from all classes. All withdrawals must be requested, received and processed by the end of the third week equivalent deadline to be eligible for 100 percent refund. Refer to the dates in the shaded column on the session codes table. If you are requesting a cancellation and are still responsible for any housing charges, you must contact TrojanHousing and submit a separate application. Financial Aid recipients who withdraw from all classes, see Withdrawal Implications for Recipients of Financial Aid.

Concurrent Registration

Students may not register for credit at USC and another institution simultaneously without receiving permission in advance from their academic advisor and the Office of Academic Records and Registrar. Students may obtain a form to request permission for concurrent registration from the Transfer Credit Evaluation Office. They must then initiate an evaluation of credit transferability and obtain their academic advisor’s prior approval of the form to assure the acceptance of credit toward the degree for any courses taken at another institution. A credit evaluator in the Transfer Credit Evaluation Office can answer questions about this process. Students in the Graduate School must seek advance permission from the Graduate School.

Dropping and Adding Classes

The necessary forms for dropping and/or adding classes can be secured in the Registration Building. Changes that call for the addition of “R” classes require that students process the change in the Registration Building lobby, or by Web Registration (admitted students only). Changes that call for the addition of “D” classes require the student to first secure a “D” class assignment from the department concerned, and then proceed to any computer with Internet access to register for the course using Web Registration (admitted students only).

Final Examinations

Finals for summer session classes are held during the last week of a specific session. See the list of session codes.

Grade Reports

Student grade reports are no longer printed and mailed. To learn your grades for the two previous semesters, access the online academic student information system (OASIS) on USCweb at

Guaranteeing a Space in a Class

Registration in a class does not by itself guarantee a space in that class. An instructor may replace any student who, without prior consent, does not attend these class sessions: (a) the first two class sessions, or (b) the first class session of the semester for once-a-week classes. It is then the student’s responsibility to withdraw officially from the course through the Registration Department. Any class added by Web Registration or in person after the first week of classes (or first week equivalency as applied during the summer), should always receive the instructor’s approval.


Memorial Day Holiday – May 28
Independence Day Holiday – July 4

Class time for courses and workshops will be made up by arrangement with the instructor.

Late Registration

Students who do not register or attend classes within the stated registration period must petition the Committee on Academic Policies and Procedures (CAPP) for permission to register late. The petition must be endorsed by the appropriate instructor and by other persons the committee may request. Students should check with the Academic Review Department, Hubbard Hall 113, for petition deadlines. If permission is granted, students may complete payment after these dates according to the late fee schedule.

Limited Status Enrollment

Limited status enrollment allows individuals who have not been admitted to the university to take a limited number of courses at USC.

Eligibility for Limited Status Enrollment

Students who have not yet completed a bachelor’s degree are not eligible for limited status enrollment if they have been denied admission to USC or if they have been academically disqualified or suspended from any community college, college or university.

At the post-baccalaureate level, limited status enrollment is not available to students who have been denied admission to the department offering the course unless prior approval is granted by the department and appropriate dean.

International Students

Limited status enrollment does not fulfill requirements for issuing a student visa. International students (students studying or wishing to study in the U.S. on a non-immigrant visa) must have the approval of the Office of International Admissions before registering for classes.

Maximum Registration

Limited status is used for all students who have not been formally admitted to full classified degree status by the Admission Office. At the pre-baccalaureate level, limited status enrollment may not exceed 16 units. At the post-baccalaureate level the maximum number of units allowed is 12.

Restrictions on Limited Status Enrollment

A pre-baccalaureate limited status student may not register for more than 16 units; a post-baccalaureate limited status student may not register for more than 12 units. Exceptions to this policy will be considered by the Office of Admission for USC employees and for post-baccalaureate students who submit a disclaimer of intent to pursue a USC degree.

Prior approval of the department offering the course is required for all limited status enrollment. If a limited status student is subsequently admitted to regular standing, no more than 16 undergraduate or the first 12 graduate units taken through limited status enrollment can be applied toward a degree. Individual exceptions must be approved by the dean of the degree-conferring units. Pre-baccalaureate limited status students must settle their tuition and fees on the same day they register for classes or their enrollment will be cancelled by the Registration Department. This policy does not apply to USC staff and faculty.

Pass/No Pass Option

During the first three weeks of the semester (or the third week equivalency deadline as applied during summer), you may elect to take a course numbered below 500 on a pass/no pass basis. Graduate students must receive departmental approval to enroll in a graduate course on a pass/no pass basis. Refer to the Pass/No Pass Graded Work section in the USC Catalogue for details on degree credit restrictions on courses taken on a pass/no pass basis. You should consult your academic advisor before enrolling in any course on a pass/no pass basis. Students may enroll for courses on a pass/no pass basis on Web Registration.

Registration in Graduate-Level Courses by Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate students will not be allowed to enroll in a graduate course unless they receive prior approval to (1) reserve the course for a possible graduate degree or (2) count the course for undergraduate credit or (3) audit the course. Students must present official proof of such approval to the Registration Department at the time of enrollment. Details describing how to obtain such an approval are available in the USC Catalogue.

Residence Requirements

Refer to the USC Catalogue for applicable residence requirements.

Right to Withdraw a Course

The university reserves the right to withdraw or change the hours of any course listed in the Schedule of Classes. Listings in this schedule represent the university’s curricular offerings as of the time of printing. Classes may be rescheduled or cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances or low enrollment.

Students enrolled in a cancelled class are responsible for withdrawing the course from their program by Web Registration or in person at the Registration Building lobby.