USC University of Southern California Schedule of Classes

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American Language Institute (ALI)

103 Elective Courses in English as a Second Language for International Students
258 Writing Workshop
259 Oral Skills
271 Language Tutorial for International Teaching Assistants

Architecture, School of

Architecture (ARCH)

106 Workshop in Architecture
114 Architecture: Culture and Community
207 Digital Tools for Architecture
220 The Architect’s Sketchbook
270 Introduction to Architectural Studies
307 Digital Tools for Architecture
415 Asian Architecture and Urbanism
416 Architecture and Urbanism in France
422 Architectural Photography
423 Light, Color and the Character of Material
501 Comprehensive Studio Support and Enrichment
521 Professional Practice: Legal and Economic Context
523 Professional Practice: Project Documentation
533 Urban Landscape Case Studies
552 Introduction to Historic Site Documentation
563 Architecture in the Urban Landscape: Comparative Theories

Art History (AHIS)

001 Web Site Authoring and Design

Biokinesiology and Physical Therapy

Biokinsesiology (BKN)

559 Readings in Biokinesiology
573ab Advanced Dissection Anatomy
617 Modeling the Motor System: An Introduction
672 Advanced Independent Study in Biokinesiology

Physical Therapy (PT)

516 Principles of Disease
530 Therapeutic Exercise
557 Professional Practice: Patient Perspective
573 Physical Examination and Differential Diagnosis in Patients with Medical Disorders
605 Orthopedic Radiology
642c Evidence Based Practice

Biological Sciences (BISC)

290 Introduction to Biological Research
321 Multidisciplinary Seminar: Science, Technology and Society
462 Seminar in Neurobiology
499 Special Topics
504 Laboratory Techniques in Cellular and Molecular Biology
520 Recent Advances in Neurobiology
532 Advanced Seminar in Molecular and Microbial Ecology
533 Advanced Seminar in Remote Sensing and Modeling
534 Advanced Seminar in Population Genetics of Marine Organisms
536 Advanced Seminar in Marine/Global N Cycle
549 Seminar in Integrative and Evolutionary Biology
584 Faculty Lecture Series

Business, Marshall School of

Accounting (ACCT)

370ab External Financial Reporting Issues
371ab Introduction to Accounting Systems
372 Internal Reporting Issues
373 Introduction to Assurance Services
374 Introduction to Tax Issues
411 Understanding Financial Reporting
412 Special Financial Reporting Issues
416 Financial Reporting and Analysis
417 Advanced Financial Accounting for Non-Accounting Majors
418 Accounting for Management Decisions
419 Understanding Accounting Information Systems
470ab Advanced External Financial Reporting Issues
471 Accounting Information Systems
472 Managerial Accounting
473 Financial Statement Auditing
474 Tax Issues for Business
476 Performance Measurement Issues

Business Administration (BUAD)

102 Global Leadership Seminar
200 Economic Foundations for Business
493 Dean’s Seminar in Entrepreneurship

Business Communication (BUCO)

221 Cross-Cultural Business Communication for Non-Native Speakers
452 The Art of Case Analysis and Presentation

Information and Operations Management (IOM)

401 Business Information Systems – Spreadsheet Applications
402 Business Information Systems – Database Applications

Chemistry (CHEM)

050 General Chemistry Tutorial

Cinematic Arts, School of

Animation (CTAN)

330 Animation Fundamentals
432 The World of Visual Effects
436 Writing for Animation
443 3-D Animation and Character Design
450abc Animation Theory and Techniques
452 Introduction to 3-D Computer Animation
462 Visual Effects
463 Creative Workflow in Visual Effects
501 Interactive Animation
502a Virtual Reality and Stereoscopic Animation
523 Principles of Digital Animation
577b Fundamentals of Animation
579 Expanded Animation

Critical Studies (CTCS)

501 History of Global Cinema Before World War II
503 Survey History of the United States Sound Film
504 Survey of Television History

Interactive Media (CTIN)

405 Design and Technology for Mobile Experiences
406 Sound Design for Games
458 Business and Management of Games
482 Designing Online Multiplayer Game Environments
484 Intermediate Game Development
489 Intermediate Game Design Workshop
491b Advanced Game Project
501 Database Cinema
544 Experiments in Interactivity II

Production (CTPR)

241 Fundamentals of Cinema Technique
242 Fundamentals of Cinematic Sound
280 Structure of the Moving Image
288 Originating and Developing Ideas for Film
319 Directing for Writers: Fundamentals
410 The Movie Business: From Story Concept to Exhibition
422 Makeup for Motion Pictures
423 Introduction to Special Effects in Cinema
425 Production Planning
426 The Production Experience
455 Introduction to Production Design
456 Introduction to Art Direction
460 Film Business Procedures and Distribution
461 TV Station Management
473 Directing the Composer
497 Music Video Production
506 Visual Expression
510 Concepts of Cinematic Production
523 Introduction to Multiple-Camera Production
531 Planning the Production
532 Intermediate Directing
533 Directing Techniques
535 Intermediate Editing
536 Editing for Scriptwriters
537 Intermediate Cinematography
543 Editing the Advanced Project
551 Planning the Advanced Production
552 Advanced Directing
554 Advanced Sound
556 Advanced Editing
557 Advanced Cinematography
558 Advanced Producing
566 Developing and Selling Your Film or TV Projects
575 Directing for Scriptwriters
582ab Advanced Production Seminar

Writing (CTWR)

206b Writing the Screenplay
412 Introduction to Screenwriting
413 Writing the Short Script I
414 The Screenplay
415b Advanced Writing
416 Motion Picture Script Analysis
421 Writing the Hour-Long Dramatic Series
434 Comedy Writing Genres
435 Writing for Film and Television Genres
437 Writing the Situation Comedy Pilot
441 Writing Workshop in Creativity and Imagination
499 Special Topics
514b Basic Dramatic Screenwriting
516 Advanced Motion Picture Script Analysis
518 Introduction to Interactive Writing
520 Advanced Scene Writing Workshop
528 Screenwriting Fundamentals
529 Intermediate Screenwriting
574 Advanced Seminar in Directing Actors for Film

Motion Picture Producing (CMPP)

560 Script Development
564 Producing Business Procedures
568 Producing for Television
569 Seminar on Non-Mainstream Producing
570 Advanced Television

Communication, Annenberg School for

Communication (COMM)

380 Forensics Laboratory

Journalism (JOUR)

204 Newswriting: Online
210 Basics of Broadcast Newsroom Production for Non-Majors Only
406 Advanced Broadcasting Production
441 Sports Reporting
446 Entertainment Reporting
454 Sports Public Relations
470 Community Journalism
474 Interviewing and Profile Writing

Comparative Literature (COLT)

603 Professional Development II: Publication

Earth Sciences (GEOL)

609 Seminar in Earthquake Physics

East Asian Languages and Cultures (EALC)

102 Language, Art and Culture: Calligraphy

Economics (ECON)

690 Seminar in Economic Theory
691 Seminar in Econometrics
692 Seminar in Economic Development
694 Seminar in Dynamic Economics

Education, Rossier School of

Education (EDUC)

413 Methods and Models of Instruction for Language Minority Students
415 Content to Pedagogy: Mathematics in the Elementary School
416 Content to Pedagogy: Art in the Elementary School
417 Content to Pedagogy: From Science Content to Science Curriculum
418 Content to Pedagogy: From Social Sciences to Social Studies
419 Content to Pedagogy: P.E. for Elementary Students
424b Curriculum and Methods in Elementary Education
548b Multiple Subject General Methods

Education Counseling (EDCO)

030 The Process of Paraprofessional Counseling for Young Adults
248 Theories of Career Development
554 Psychotherapy with Children

Higher and Postsecondary Education (EDHP)

587 Field Work in Higher, Adult and Professional Education

Engineering, Viterbi School of

Biomedical Engineering (BME)

412 Fundamentals of Craniofacial Biotechnology

Chemical Engineering (CHE)

446 Mass Transfer in Chemical Engineering Processes

Civil Engineering (CE)

108 Introduction to Computer Methods in Civil Engineering
205 Statics
207 Introduction to Design of Structural Systems

Computer Science (CSCI)

105 Object-Oriented Programming

Electrical Engineering (EE)

201 Introduction to Digital Circuits

Industrial and Systems Engineering (ISE)
382 Database Systems: Concepts, Design and Implementation

Information Technology Program (ITP)

090 Introduction to Adobe Photoshop
104 Internet Publishing Technologies
109 Introduction to Java Programming
215 3-D Modeling, Animation, Compositing and Special Effects
216 Web Animation and Interactivity
315 Applications for 3-D Special Effects and Character Animation
320 Enterprise Wide Information Systems
499 Special Topics

Petroleum Engineering (PTE)

542 Carbonate Rocks
572 Engineering Geostatistics

English (ENGL)

400 Advanced Expository Writing

Fine Arts, Roski School of

Fine Arts (FA)

136 Modeling and Mold Making
140 A Cultural Guide to Los Angeles
203 Digital Tools for Design
207ab Two-Dimensional Art Workshop
208a Three-Dimensional Art Workshop
213 Clay and Glazes
246 Construction Techniques
331 The Human Figure in Narrative Drawing
332 Typography
418 Independent Studies in Studio Arts
432 Special Projects in Design
499 Special Topics
520 Individual Studies
560 Studies in Two-Dimensional Media
570 Studies in Three-Dimensional Media

French (FREN)

020 Course in Reading French I

Freshman Seminars (FSEM)

100 Freshman Seminar

German (GERM)

020 Course in Reading German

Gerontology, Leonard Davis School of

Gerontology (GERO)

513 Stress, Health, and Aging
519 Biological Processes and Aging
522 Counseling Older Adults and Their Families
592 Multidisciplinary Research Seminar in Aging

Graduate Studies (GRSC)

850b The Professoriate: Preparing for the Future

Institute for Multimedia Literacy (IML)

346 Honors in Multimedia Scholarship: Methods in Scholarly Multimedia

Interdisciplinary Major Program (INDS)

100 Topical and Multidisciplinary Seminars
300 Topical and Multidisciplinary Seminars
400 Topical and Multidisciplinary Seminars

Kinesiology (EXSC)

202 Principles of Nutrition and Exercise
203 Individualized Exercise Prescription
491 Laboratory Experience in Exercise Science

Mathematics (MATH)

395 Seminar in Problem Solving
577a Computational Molecular Biology Laboratory

Medicine, Keck School of

Pathology (PATH)

552b Methods in Experimental Pathology
575 Frontiers of Pathology
580 Cell Cycle Regulation

Physiology and Biophysics (PHBI)

552abcd Advanced Physiological Methods
556ab Recent Advances in Physiology
599 Special Topics
608ab Advanced Cellular, Molecular and Systemic Physiology
650 Mechanisms of Ion Transport in Animal Cells

Preventive Medicine (PM)

521b Seminar in Nutrition


Military Science (MS)

201 Individual Leadership Studies
202 Leadership and Teamwork

Nautical Science (NAUT)

002a Advanced Deepwater Cruising
301ab Deepwater Cruising

Naval Science (NSC)

454 Leadership and Management II

Music, Thornton School of

Choral Music (MUCM)

542 Choral Literature II
543 Seminar in Choral Music
643 Seminar in Choral Music II

Sacred Music (MUCH)

572 Sacred Music Administration

Composition (MUCO)

101 Fundamentals of Music Theory
132b Aural Skills I
135 Counterpoint I
137b Introduction to Composition
221b Composition for Non-Majors
232b Aural Skills II
235 Counterpoint II
250 Songwriting I
252 Songwriting II: Arranging and Performing
254 Songwriting III: Demo Production
336b Orchestration II
338 Elementary Orchestration
421b Composition for Non-Majors II
425 Instrumental Music of Debussy and Ravel
434 Analytical Techniques
435 Counterpoint III
436 Orchestration III
437b Composition III
439 Band Arranging
440b Composition for Films and Television
442b History of Film Music Scoring
443b Film Score Analysis and Preparation
470 Electro-acoustic Composition
499 Special Topics
501 Introduction to the Analysis of Tonal Music
502 Introduction to the Analysis of Post-Tonal Music
522b Sketching and Scoring for Film and TV
523b Advanced Application of Film Music Technology
536 Advanced Orchestration I
537 Advanced Composition I
538b Analytical Approaches to Post-Tonal Music from 1908-1950
545 Individual Instruction in Advanced Film Music Composition
560b Music Editing for Film
633b Advanced Analysis of Tonal Music
637 Advanced Composition II
737 Advanced Composition III

Conducting (MUCD)

301 Individual Instruction
340 Choral Conducting I
343 Instrumental Conducting I
441 Choral Conducting II
443 Instrumental Conducting II
501 Individual Instruction
541 Choral Conducting III
543 Instrumental Conducting III
550 Orchestral Conducting Seminar
553 Individual Instruction
641 Choral Conducting IV
653 Performance

Electroacoustic Media (MUEA)

474ab Electronic Synthesizer Techniques

Music Education (MUED)

440a Music and Movement: The Orff Approach
443 Teaching Vocal Jazz
479 Music for the Elementary Classroom Teacher
503 Philosophical and Psychological Foundations of Music Education
505 Teaching and Learning Music
526 Teaching General/Choral Music for Instrumentalists
536 Teaching Instrumental Music for Vocalists
540 Motivation and Discipline in the Music Classroom
552 Music Education Courseware Development
604 Preparing School Music Teachers

Music History and Literature (MUHL)

333 Music History Review
561 Studies in World Music II
577 Music of the 19th Century
578 Music Since 1900
584 Special Studies in Renaissance Music
586 Special Studies in the Music of the Classical Period, 1730-1800
588 Special Studies in Music Since 1900
589 Seminar in Renaissance Repertories and Performance Practice

Music Industry (MUIN)

389 Digital Equipment and Recording
392a Acoustics and Speaker Design
442 Operation of the Radio Studio
446ab Computer Assisted Recording and Editing
448 Computer Music Notation and Preparation
477 Remote Recording Techniques
478 Advanced Multichannel Remix
479 Audio Mastering
499 Special Topics

Jazz Studies (MUJZ)

105b Jazz Theory
141b Basic Keyboard Skills for the Improviser
142b Jazz Ear Training
150 Beginning Jazz Improvisation
153 Individual Instruction
195 Jazz Elements I
196 Jazz Combo I
218b Afro-Latin Percussion Instruments
253 Individual Instruction
300 Non-Major Individual Instruction
301 Individual Instruction
353 Individual Instruction
400 Arranging for Jazz Ensemble
443 Jazz Pedagogy
451 Advanced Jazz Improvisation
453 Individual Instruction
486 Jazz Masters from WWII to the Present
501 Individual Instruction
545 Jazz Ensemble Development
551 Graduate Jazz Improvisation
553 Individual Instruction

Performance (Early Music) (MPEM)

501 Individual Instruction
553 Individual Instruction
650 Collegium Directing
653 Performance

Performance (Guitar) (MPGU)

120abcd Beginning Pop/Rock Guitar
125 Beginning Fingerstyle/Chord Guitar
126 Easy Fingerstyle Beatles
153 Individual Instruction
159 Functional Skills for Studio Guitarists I
253 Individual Instruction
257 Classical Guitar Performance Class
258 Functional Skills for Studio Guitarists II
300 Non-Major Individual Instruction
301 Individual Instruction
353 Individual Instruction
453 Individual Instruction
457 Classical Guitar Performance Class
501 Individual Instruction
553 Individual Instruction
653 Performance

Performance (Keyboard Studies) (MPKS)

150abc Beginning Piano
153 Individual Instruction
160b Functional Skills for Keyboard Majors I
250b Keyboard Instruction I
253 Individual Instruction
260b Functional Skills for Keyboard Majors II
300 Non-Major Individual Instruction
301 Individual Instruction
350b Keyboard Instruction II
353 Individual Instruction
360b Accompanying
450b Piano Pedagogy: Intermediate Literature and Functional Skills
453 Individual Instruction
472b Piano History and Literature
481 Interpretation of Baroque Music
501 Individual Instruction
520 Special Studies in Solo Repertoire for Piano
553 Individual Instruction
560 Song Interpretation Master Class
561 Chamber Music Interpretation Master Class
653 Performance

Performance (Strings) (MPST)

153 Individual Instruction
163 Beginning Harp
253 Individual Instruction
300 Non-Major Individual Instruction
301 Individual Instruction
353 Individual Instruction
453 Individual Instruction
471b String Pedagogy
472 Orchestra Repertoire – Strings
501 Individual Instruction
553 Individual Instruction
653 Performance

Performance (Vocal Arts) (MPVA)

141 Class Voice
153 Individual Instruction
203b Acting for Singers
241 Intermediate Class Voice
253 Individual Instruction
300 Non-Major Individual Instruction
301 Individual Instruction
353 Individual Instruction
402 Musical Theatre Workshop
403 Acting for Singers II
405 USC Opera
406 Opera Coaching Techniques
407 Directing for the Operatic Stage
441 English and German Diction
453 Individual Instruction
479 Song Literature
501 Individual Instruction
540 Special Studies in Vocal Literature
541 Comparative Vocal Pedagogy
553 Individual Instruction
653 Individual Instruction

Performance (Winds and Percussion) (MPWP)

153 Individual Instruction
253 Individual Instruction
300 Non-Major Individual Instruction
301 Individual Instruction
353 Individual Instruction
453 Individual Instruction
481 Interpretation of Baroque Music
482 Interpretation of Classic, Romantic, and 20th Century Wind and Percussion Music
501 Individual Instruction
553 Individual Instruction
653 Performance

School of Music (MUSC)

310 Computer Recording for the Performing Musician
423 Classic Rock: Popular Music of the Sixties and Seventies

Occupational Sciences and Occupational Therapy (OT)

Occupational Therapy (OT)

220 Introduction to Occupational Therapy
310 Creativity Workshop
440 Foundations of Occupation/Kinesiology
441 Foundations of Occupation/Neurology
485 Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy
500abc Clinical Problems in Occupational Therapy
505 Seminar in Occupational Therapy
575 Dysphagia Across the Lifespan: Pediatrics Through Geriatrics

Pharmacy, School of

Pharmaceutical Sciences (PSCI)

667 Intracellular Drug Delivery and Targeting

Philosophy (PHIL)

250ab Elementary Formal Logic

Physical Education (PHED)

160 Stress Management for Healthy Living

Policy, Planning, and Development, School of

Policy, Planning, and Development (PPD)

452 Organization and Interface of Juvenile Justice Subsystems
527 The Social Context of Planning
528 The Urban Economy
599 Special Topics
697 Cultural Proficiency in Health Management and Policy

Real Estate Development (RED)

545 Advanced Real Estate and Financial Modeling
564 Issues in Asset Management of Real Estate
583 International Development Opportunities
598 Real Estate Product Development

Slavic Languages (SLL)

199 Chess and Critical Thinking
500 Topics in Advanced Russian

Social Work (SOWK)

305 Children and Families in Urban America Integrative Seminar
505 Human Behavior and the Social Environment II
545 Social Work Practice with Groups and Complex Cases
587b Integrative Learning for Social Work Practice

Spanish (SPAN)

020 Spanish for Reading Knowledge

Theatre (THTR)

120b Acting I
122 Improvisation and Theatre Games
124a Character Acting
130 Introduction to Theatrical Production
140b Voice I
181a Modern Dance
183abc Ballet
184abc Jazz Dance
188ab International Style Ballroom Dance
189ab Tap Dance
215b Movement II
216 Movement for Actors
220b Intermediate Acting I
222 Stage Make up
240b Voice II
252ab Intermediate Acting I
295 Theatre in America
315b Physical Theatre I
316 Advanced Movement for Actors
320b Intermediate Acting II
340b Intermediate Voice
341 Voice for the Non Theatre Major
342ab Basic Voice
352ab Intermediate Acting II
354 Acting Shakespeare
407b Drawing and Rendering for the Theater
408ab Dialects
415b Physical Theatre II
420b Advanced Acting
440b Advanced Voice
458 Visiting Artist Workshop
471 Senior Showcase
478b Theatre for Youth
480 Performance for Camera
483 Dance Performance
484 Acting in Television Commercials
493b Periods and Styles
499 Special Topics
515b Advanced Movement
540b Advanced Voice Diction

Thematic Option (CORE)

200 Liberal Arts Reading Salon