Cell and Neurobiology 501bL:

Human Gross Anatomy (4.0 units)

A complete dissection of the adult human body. Supplementary lectures and demonstrations. Emphasis on correlating development, structure and function. a. focuses on the following anatomical regions: Abdomen, Pelvis, and Head and Neck. b. focuses on the following anatomical regions: Axial Skeleton, Upper and Lower Limbs, and Thoracic Cavity.
  • Prerequisite: CNB 501A
  • Restriction: Registration open to the following class level(s): Doctoral Student, Graduate Visitor, Master Student, Professional Year 1, Senior (fifth year)
40457D759Lecture9:00-12:00pmMTuWThF12 of 15Irene SmailBMT407session dates
40458R759LabTBATBA12 of 15Irene SmailOFFICEsession dates
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