Law 200w:

Law and Society (4.0 units)

Sources and structure of law; history of Bill of Rights emphasizing effect on criminal justice system; limits of law in solving problems in American society.
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02603R001Lecture12:00-1:20pmMon, Wed160 of 170Susan EstrichTHH301PDF (92160 KB)notesession dates
02606R001Discussion3:00-3:50pmMonday27 of 29Susan Estrich,John OlteanWPH107session dates
29 of 29
Susan Estrich,Haley TuchmanWPH107session dates
02611R001Discussion3:00-3:50pmWednesday24 of 29Susan Estrich,John OlteanWPH207session dates
29 of 29
Susan Estrich,Danielle LuchettaWPH205session dates
02620R001Discussion2:00-2:50pmMonday27 of 29Susan Estrich,Danielle LuchettaTHH108session dates
02662R001Discussion2:00-2:50pmWednesday24 of 25Susan Estrich,Jacqueline ConcillaSOSB52session dates
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