Interdepartmental 531:

Cell Biology (4.0 units)

Current perspectives on major research areas in cell biology. Emphasis will be on in-depth examination of cellular structures, regulatory processes, intracellular routing and targeting, and cell/environmental interactions. Cross-listed as BIOC 531, MICB 531, MPTX 531, PATH 531, PHBI 531, PSCI 531
    40654D046Lecture9:00-10:50amTue, Thu58 of 90Axel Schonthal,Megan McCain,
    Ebrahim Zandi,
    Amir Goldkorn,
    Chengyu Liang,
    Florence Hofman,Sarah Hamm-Alvarez,
    Curtis Okamoto,
    Yves Declerck,
    Randall Widelitz,
    Steve Swenson,
    Qilong Ying,Josh Neman-Ebrahim,
    Amy Ryan,
    Nicholas Graham,
    Sanda Win
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