Tuition and Fees

Subject to Change Without Notice

Tuition (Semester)

Regular Session 001
Undergraduate Students
12-18 units 27,660.00
Unit basis 1,863.00
Graduate Students
15-18 units 27,660.00
Unit basis 1,863.00
Business Graduate (500 level and above)
Unit basis 1,912.00
Graduate Cinematic Arts Session 037
Unit basis (no flat fee) 1,982.00
Advanced Dentistry (per trimester) 31,811.00
Dentistry (per trimester) Session 006 31,473.00
Dental Hygiene (per trimester) Session 007 25,636.00
Special Dental International Students
(per trimester) Session 008 31,473.00
Engineering Graduate (500 level and above)
Unit basis 2,005.00
Law Session 002
Flat fee basis (13-17 units) 32,032.00
Unit basis 2,477.00
Medicine Session 003
Flat fee basis 31,482.00
Master of Physician Assistant Practice
Flat fee basis 27,660.00
Pharmacy Session 004, 005
Flat fee basis (15-18 units) 28,423.00
Unit basis 1,894.00
Doctor of Physical Therapy
Full year for year 1 and 2 students 67,390.00
Partial year for year 3 students 40,716.00
Master of Real Estate Development Session 038
Flat fee basis (16-18 units) 33,056.00
Unit basis 2,066.00

For rates on other sessions not published here, please contact the academic department offering the course(s).


Mandatory Fees
Application Fee, undergraduate (not refundable) 80.00
Application Fee, graduate (not refundable) 90.00
Application Fee, Marshall graduate applicants (not refundable) 155.00
Application Fee, International Academy’s Pre-Master’s Program (not refundable) 175.00
Commitment Deposit, undergraduate (not refundable but applicable to tuition and fees) 300.00
Commitment Deposit, graduate and professional (not refundable but applicable to tuition and fees): Students should consult their academic department or school.
Orientation Fee
New Student Fee, undergraduate 450.00
New Student Fee, graduate 55.00
Student Health Service Fee
(for students with load of 6 units or more)
per semester 349.00
Student Programming Fee, per semester
Undergraduate 64.00
Graduate 40.00
Norman H. Topping Student Aid Fund, per semester, all students 8.00

Student Health Insurance

Please visit the USC Student Health Website at for updates on the spring 2019 insurance rates. The charge for Aetna Student Health Insurance is automatically charged to your student bill each semester as “Student Health Ins.” Students are automatically charged the insurance when they meet the following criteria:

  • Domestic student carrying 6 or more units
  • International student studying at USC, carrying any number of units
  • Health Science student studying at USC, carrying any number of units

See the Basic Steps to Registration for online waiver instructions.

Student Health Fee

USC Student Health’s services are available to students who have paid the current semester Student Health Fee. (This is a mandatory fee that is separate from insurance). We encourage students to use health center services as their primary source of health care while studying at USC. Students just need to bring their USC ID to check in. Students can use the services at either health center on both campuses. Visit to learn more.

Special Fees
Parking Fees, per semester (10 percent city parking tax included). For more details, please visit the Transportation Website here.
Deferment Service Charge
Thirty-day deferments are granted for up to $2,000 of the tuition balance. There is a non-refundable service charge of 5 percent of the deferred amount, due at the time the deferment is granted, in addition to the remaining billing balance.
Petition Processing Fee for Registration Exceptions 150.00
Student Identification Card (USCard)
Replacement with mag stripe 25.00
Replacement with Prox contactless 25.00
Required of all students. Students must be registered
before a card is issued. The fee may be assessed for each replacement of
Identification Card.
Laboratory Fees 5.00-500.00
For certain laboratory courses in architecture, biological sciences, chemistry, cinematic arts, engineering, fine arts, geological sciences, physical education and physics. These fees are variable, and students should consult the current Schedule of Classes for amount of individual fees.
Dissertation Fee 115.00
For USC Libraries and Graduate School processing of doctoral dissertation
Thesis Fee 105.00
For USC Libraries and Graduate School processing of master’s thesis
Application for re-entry no charge
Special Subject Examination
one-half per unit rate regardless of units per course 931.50
Official 10.00
Late articulation petition fee 150.00
Articulation of international undergraduate transfer credit 185.00
Diploma Reissue Fee 125.00

Housing and Dining

Housing and meal plan charges will appear on your student account. Housing rent charges for undergraduate buildings and all meal plans are billed once per semester. Rent for most graduate and family buildings is billed on a monthly basis. If you are assigned to a building where electricity is not included in the rent, the cost for electricity will automatically be charged to your account twice a semester. All housing assessments must be paid at the time of billing or they will be considered past due and may be subject to finance charges/late fees. For housing billing inquiries please contact the Housing office at or (213) 740-2546. For meal plan billing inquiries please contact USCard at or (213) 740-8709.

Tuition Refund Insurance

Elective insurance is available that provides full coverage for tuition and mandatory fees (excluding health insurance) for you if you suffer a serious illness or accident that makes it necessary for you to leave the university before the semester is completed.

What Tuition Refund Insurance Covers

The insurance covers 100% of the tuition and mandatory fees (excluding the student health insurance fee) for the semester if a student withdraws from all classes due to injury or sickness. For withdrawals from all classes due to a psychological or emotional condition (as defined in the DSM-IV manual), the coverage is 80% provided the student is confined in a hospital for two consecutive days during the term. The plan covers payments made directly by the student, loans, grants or scholarships. USC grants and scholarships are credited back to the university and loans may be credited back to the lender as determined by the Financial Aid Office.

By default, at the time you register, Web Registration will enroll you in Tuition Refund Insurance. This will result in a charge equal to approximately .37 of 1 percent of your tuition and mandatory fees, which will be added to your student account.

If you wish to remove Tuition Refund Insurance after you have registered, you may make the change on Web Registration by clicking the Tuition Refund Insurance button and following the prompts. You may decline tuition refund insurance up until the end of week three of the spring semester or the week three equivalent in special sessions.

The Tuition Refund Plan is offered through a private insurance carrier, A.W.G. Dewars, Inc. ( Further information and applications brochures are available from the Cashier’s Office and Registration and Records. Information is also available online at

Late Fees

To avoid late fees, you must register and have your tuition, fees, housing, dining and all other charges paid or deferred by 5 p.m. PST on the settlement deadline. If you fail to register and settle your account, you will be assessed late fees each week in accordance with the following schedule:

January 4 $100.00
January 11 $100.00
January 18 $100.00

Registration is not permitted after the third week of classes. The university currently assesses a monthly finance charge on all past due balances. The current annual rate is 12 percent, subject to change.

Non-receipt of a bill does not relieve you of this settlement deadline. Using the Web Registration auto scheduler feature but failing to register for any courses before the tuition and fees payment deadline is not a valid reason to request a waiver of the late registration fee.

Students whose checks are returned unpaid by the bank or whose credit card authorizations are declined by the bank will be subject to the late fees described above until their accounts are paid in full. See Billing Information.

Change of Program/Petition Actions

If your change of schedule or a petition action results in additional charges, they must be paid or deferred in full by 5 p.m., PST, on Friday during the week in which the change took place. If any portion remains unpaid, late fees will be assessed according to the above late fee schedule. Students who petition to have their classes reinstated must pay all tuition and fees in advance.

If you have an outstanding deferment and a change of program results in a reduction of tuition or fees, your deferment will be reduced by the amount that the reduction exceeds your billing balance. If you subsequently have a change of program that results in additional charges, you must contact the department that originally provided the deferment or pay the new billing balance in full by the end of the week in which the additional charges were added to avoid late fees.

Finance Charges

Finance charges are assessed on all past due balances. The current annual rate is 12 percent, subject to change.

Returned Checks

A “returned check charge” of $25 is assessed for a check or electronic fund transfer returned by the bank for any reason. If a bank card transaction is disallowed by the bank, the student account will be subject to a $25 returned item charge. Under California Civil Code #1719, a returned check may create a liability of treble (three times) the amount owed, but not less than $100. Any returned items will void outstanding deferments, making all balances due in full immediately. The university may, at its option, cancel enrollment of any student whose check is returned unpaid by the bank. If the university does not exercise this option, the student will be responsible for all tuition and fees incurred. Students and parents should be aware that non-local checks may be held by the bank for the maximum time allowed by law. Please allow ample time for non-local funds to be made available by the date payment is due.

VISA, MasterCard and Discover Card

You should present the credit card (and parent’s written authorization if the card is not in your name), as well as a valid driver’s license. Presentation of any credit card does not constitute payment of tuition and fees. Authorization must be obtained from the credit card institution in order to be posted to the student account. Declined authorizations are your responsibility. If a bank card transaction is later disallowed by the bank, the student account will be subject to the “Returned Checks” penalties.

Tax Credits

USC is required to provide students and the I.R.S. with form 1098-T each year. This form reports general information about enrollment status, qualified charges and financial aid posted to a student’s account during the calendar year just ended. In addition to the 1098-T, USC provides students with supplemental information that includes a breakdown of all financial activity by category. The 1098-T assists students and families to determine their eligibility for the Hope Scholarship and Lifetime Learning tax credits. Additional information is available at under “Tax Information” and in I.R.S. publication 970.

Billing Information

You should check your account on any time you make a change to your enrollment. In addition, we email monthly billing statement notifications to the USC email addresses of all students who have outstanding balances or have activity on their student accounts during the month. Students must use to review their monthly statements. For more information, please visit

Although we accept payments from third parties, you are ultimately responsible for settling all debts to the university by the appropriate deadlines. Non-receipt of a bill does not relieve you of this obligation. If you need a statement showing your tuition and fees, you may request a Registration Confirmation or use to print an online statement.

If any private parties (including family members) are assisting you in paying for your expenses and require a monthly billing statement showing tuition and fees before they will issue payment, it is your responsibility to register early enough to accommodate them. We recommend that you register a minimum of 40 days prior to the settlement deadline.

In accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, we will not disclose any specific information about your student account to a third party (including family members) without your permission. You may file a waiver permitting USC to disclose information to specific individuals.
The waiver form is available online at You may grant family members access to your educational records by creating guest user accounts on OASIS. You may also grant third parties access to your financial records by creating guest user accounts on For more information, visit and select the “Guest Login” link.

Obligation for Payment

Request for registration constitutes a legal financial obligation to which you will be held liable if you do not follow the proper procedure to change or cancel your registration through the Office of Academic Records and Registrar. You must receive written confirmation (the Registration Confirmation form) to verify that your requested change has been made.

By registering, you agree to be held responsible for all tuition and fees, including, but not limited to, payments denied by student loan lenders, agencies of the United States government and agencies of foreign governments.

Tuition and fees for all students, including those whose tuition has been deferred, become an obligation in accordance with the provisions of the Withdrawal Refund Policy as follows. Tuition and fees are due, in full, by the settlement deadline. Failure to make payments of any indebtedness to the university when due, including but not limited to tuition, deferred tuition, housing, student loans, lab fees and USCard, is considered sufficient cause, until the debt is settled with the university, to (1) bar the student from classes and examinations; (2) withhold diploma, scholastic certificate or transcripts; (3) bar the student from university housing; (4) suspend all university services and privileges; (5) suspend the student; (6) assign the student to a collection agency (students who have been assigned to an outside collection agency may be required to pay in advance for all future registrations and services); and (7) report the student to a credit bureau. This policy will be equally enforced against debts discharged through bankruptcy.

Permission to cancel enrollment does not constitute, nor shall it be construed as, a waiver by the university of a student’s financial obligation. You are still responsible for all outstanding debts and contracts with the university. Furthermore, a student must not have any delinquent financial obligations to USC at the time classes begin or his or her registration may be revoked.

For additional information, please contact the Cashier’s Office, Student Union 106, (STU 106) (213) 740-7471.

Withdrawal/Tuition Refund Policy

Students may only receive a refund of tuition and fees if courses are dropped before the refund deadline (to find the specific refund deadline for any course, please locate the course on the Schedule of Classes and click on the calendar icon). It is a student’s responsibility to officially withdraw from any class that the student is not attending. Informing the academic department or the course instructor does not constitute withdrawal from the course. All withdrawals must be processed by Web Registration or through the Registrar One Stop Center.

Students will be held financially liable for all classes that appear on the OASIS Registered Course List, Web Registration Registered Course List or the Registration Confirmation form after the refund deadline. There is no refund for classes withdrawn from after the refund deadline. Refunds for additional charges, including but not limited to housing and meal plans, will be determined by the office assessing the charge.

In the event of a revocation of registration, 100 percent of any tuition paid for that semester will be first applied to any outstanding debt. Any remaining credit will be available for refund within six to eight weeks from the date of revocation. Students must request a refund from the Cashier’s Office. If a credit balance is a result of a credit card payment, the refund will be made directly to the credit card used for payment.

These policies are enforced equally for settled as well as unsettled registrations.

Withdrawal Implications for Recipients of Financial Aid

For detailed information about the implications of withdrawal for financial aid applicants, refer to the USC Catalogue.

Tuition Assistance Benefits

The tuition assistance benefits program provides USC tuition payments for eligible faculty and staff, their spouses or registered domestic partners, and their children who are admitted in a USC degree program. The amount of tuition payment varies based on who is taking the class, the type of class and the maximum number of units eligible for assistance. Tuition assistance is limited to tuition and does not apply to any fees or books.

An employee must be eligible for tuition assistance (i.e., met any waiting period requirement, etc.) on or before the first day of classes and for the applicable semester and on or after the last day of the semester (including the full summer semester, not the last day of summer session attended) for which application is made. The academic calendar for each semester will provide the official start and end dates for all semesters. Please see the Tuition Assistance Benefit Program Document for complete information regarding eligibility and requirements, available online at (in the Educational Benefits section) for a complete definition of who is tuition-benefits-eligible and requirements.

A student who receives tuition assistance is responsible for payment of a prorated amount of tuition assistance if a post-registration audit reveals any change in employment status of the employee or sponsoring employee during the semester(s) or tuition assistance has been applied to any ineligible tuition or fees or the maximum allowed units of tuition assistance has been exceeded. Students will also be responsible for a portion of the tuition if they drop a class after the drop date deadline as identified by the academic calendar. Any course work taken as “job-related” must be taken for audit only. If a post-registration audit finds that the student requested a grade be given they will be responsible for the tuition for the class.

Applications for tuition assistance are available online in the the work/life and education benefits section of the USC Benefits Website. General information about the tax liability for certain types of tuition assistance is included in the policy. Questions regarding tax liability should be directed to the USC Payroll Office. For additional information on tuition assistance, contact the HR Service Center at (213) 821-8100 or email

Tuition assistance eligibility does not guarantee the student admission to the university. The prospective student must apply for university admission through the USC Admission Office.

Only those USC classes that can be applied to the student’s degree at USC are eligible for tuition assistance benefits. Certificate programs, special education programs, seminars and other classes not listed in the USC Catalogue are not eligible for tuition assistance.

Veterans and Eligible Dependents

Veterans must register with the Veterans Certification Office each semester in order to claim GI Bill benefits. Students may expect an educational allowance based only on courses that are a legitimate part of the degree program approved for veterans. The student must notify the Veterans Certification Office immediately upon any change in unit load or change of major. The office is located in Tutor Campus Center, Room 330, (213) 740-4619, Office hours are 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday-Friday.

For more information, visit