Chemistry 115bL:

Advanced General Chemistry (4.0 units)

Equivalent to 105agL-bL, but taught at a higher level for exceptionally well-prepared students. Admission to course by departmental approval only. Lecture, 3 hours; lab and discussion, 4 hours; quiz, 1 hour. Prereq: 1 year high school chemistry and mathematics through pre-calculus.
  • Prerequisite: 1 from (CHEM 105A or CHEM 115A)
  • Note: Register for lecture-discussion, quiz and one lab
17334D001Lecture-Discussion9:00-9:50amMWF69 of 76Anna Krylov,
Jessica Parr
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17336R001Quiz3:30-4:50pmThursday69 of 76SGM101session dates
17338R001Lab9:00-11:50amTuesday14 of 19SGM133Csession dates
17340R001Lab12:30-3:20pmTuesday17 of 19SGM133Csession dates
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