Accounting 410x:

Foundations of Accounting (4.0 units)

Non-technical presentation of accounting for users of accounting information; introduction to financial and managerial accounting. Not open to students with course credits in accounting. Not available for unit or course credit toward a degree in accounting or business administration.
    14091D001Lecture8:00-9:50amMon, Wed
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    Smrity RandhawaACC303PDF (410617 KB)session datesbook list
    14092D001Lecture8:00-9:50amTue, Thu32 of 39Leslie PorterJFF236PDF (269127 KB)session datesbook list
    14093D001Lecture10:00-11:50amTue, Thu39 of 40Leslie PorterJFF236PDF (269127 KB)session datesbook list
    14094D001Lecture12:00-1:50pmTue, Thu
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    Zivia Wilson SweeneyJFF236Word (408064 KB)session datesbook list
    14095D001Lecture2:00-3:50pmTue, Thu
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    Chrislynn FreedACC236Word (400359 KB)session datesbook list
    14096D001Lecture4:00-5:50pmMon, Wed42 of 45Ruben DavilaACC303PDF (868094 KB)session datesbook list
    14097D001Lecture4:00-5:50pmTue, Thu34 of 39Kendall SimmondsACC236Word (397849 KB)session datesbook list
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