Thematic Option 112:

Writing Seminar II: Thematic Option Honors Program (4.0 units)

Students may not take this course on a P/NP basis.
    63538D001Lecture9:00-10:20amMon, Wed
    14 of 14
    Megan HerroldAHF410Gsession datesbook list
    63540D001Lecture10:30-11:50amMon, Wed
    12 of 12
    Amy CannonAHF410Gsession datesbook list
    63542D001Lecture12:00-1:20pmMon, Wed
    14 of 14
    Michael PetittiAHF410GWord (164855 KB)session datesbook list
    63544D001Lecture1:30-2:50pmMon, Wed10 of 12Amy CannonAHF410Gsession datesbook list
    63546D001Lecture3:00-4:20pmMon, Wed13 of 14Michael PetittiAHF410GWord (160173 KB)session datesbook list
    63548D001Lecture4:30-5:50pmMon, Wed12 of 14Sanders BernsteinAHF410Gsession datesbook list
    63550D001Lecture6:00-7:20pmMon, Wed
    14 of 14
    Kendra AtkinAHF410Gsession datesbook list
    63552D001Lecture9:00-10:20amTue, Thu
    14 of 14
    Ryan McIlvainAHF410Gsession datesbook list
    63554D001Lecture10:30-11:50amTue, Thu13 of 14Trisha TuckerAHF410Gsession datesbook list
    63556D001Lecture12:00-1:20pmTue, Thu
    14 of 14
    Christopher MunizAHF410Gsession datesbook list
    63558D001Lecture1:30-2:50pmTue, Thu11 of 12Amy CannonAHF410Gsession datesbook list
    63560D001Lecture3:00-4:20pmTue, Thu13 of 14Patience MollAHF410Gsession datesbook list
    63562D001Lecture4:30-5:50pmTue, Thu
    14 of 14
    Rebecca EhrhardtAHF410Gsession datesbook list
    63564D001Lecture6:00-7:20pmTue, Thu7 of 14Patience MollAHF410Gsession datesbook list
    63565D001Lecture7:30-8:50pmTue, Thu8 of 14Darby Walterssession datesbook list
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