Diversity Courses

All students must pass one course from the list of courses approved to meet the standard diversity requirement. These courses carry the designation “m” for multiculturalism.

AHIS 250m Modernity and Difference: Critical Approaches to Modern Art
AMST 101gmw Race and Class in Los Angeles
AMST 135gmw Peoples and Cultures of the Americas
AMST 200gm Introduction to American Studies and Ethnicity
AMST 250gmw The African Diaspora
AMST 274gmw Exploring Ethnicity through Film
AMST 337m Islam in Black America: From Slavery to Hip Hop
AMST 342m Law and Identities
AMST 353m Race and Racism in the Americas
AMST 357m Latino Social Movements
AMST 373m History of the Mexican American
AMST 378m Introduction to Asian American History
AMST 449m Asian American Literature
ANTH 330m Culture, Gender and Politics in South Asia
ANTH 333m Forms of Folklore
ANTH 371gm Cross-Cultural Research on Urban Gangs
ARCH 306m Shelter
ARCH 440m Literature and the Urban Experience
BUCO 333m Communication in the Working World — Managing Diversity and Conflict
COLT 374gm Women Writers in Europe and America
COMM 324m Intercultural Communication
COMM 383m Sports, Communication and Culture
COMM 458m Gender, Media and Communication
COMM 395m Race and Ethnicity in Entertainment and the Arts
CTCS 192m Race, Class, and Gender in American Film
EASC 160gmp China and the World
GERO 380m Diversity in Aging
GERO 435m Women and Aging: Psychological, Social and Political Implications
HIST 100gm The American Experience
HP 400m Culture, Lifestyle, and Health
IML 295Lm Race, Class and Gender in Digital Culture
IML 420m New Media for Social Change
JOUR 468m The American Press and Issues of Sexual Diversity
MOR 385m Business, Government and Society
MUSC 400m The Broadway Musical: Reflection of American Diversity, Issues, and Experiences
MUSC 420m Hip-Hop Music and Culture
MUSC 450m The Music of Black Americans
POSC 441m Cultural Diversity and the Law
POSC 442m The Politics of Human Differences: Diversity and Discrimination
PPD 372m Public Service in an Urban Setting
PSYC 462m Culture and Mental Health
SOCI 142gm Diversity and Racial Conflict
SOCI 155gm Immigrant America
SOCI 169gm Changing Family Forms
SOCI 200m Introduction to Sociology
SOCI 305m Sociology of Childhood
SOCI 360m Social Inequality: Class, Status, and Power
SWMS 301gm Feminist Theory: an Introduction
THTR 395m Drama as Human Relations
THTR 476mw African American Theatre, Dance, and Performance
THTR 488mw Theatre in the Community