Course Registration Requirement

Students may attend a course only if they are officially registered in the course and appear on the instructor’s course roster.

Audited Courses

Students who wish to audit a course at USC must register for the course on Web Registration and select the Audit grade option. A course taken for audit (V) will be assessed at the current tuition rate. A course taken for audit (V) will not receive credit and will not appear on the USC transcript or grade report. A course taken for audit is not included in enrollment for purposes of receiving financial aid.

USC allows students to select the Audit grade option for any course up until the 20 percent mark of the session in which the course is offered. For the specific deadline to select the Audit grade option of a course, click the Calendar icon next to the course on the Schedule of Classes.

Under no circumstances will the university allow a petition to request to change the registration status of a course from a letter grade or credit to audit (V) or vice versa after the grade option deadline.

Cancellation of Enrollment

Students have several options to cancel or drop all enrolled classes: send an email from the student’s USC email account to register@usc.edu requesting cancellation of enrollment; submit a Request for Change of Program form in person at Trojan Hall 101; send a letter requesting to withdraw from all classes to the Registration Department, Los Angeles, CA 90089-0912; or send a fax to the Registration Department, (213) 821-3724, requesting to withdraw from all classes. All withdrawals must be requested, received and processed by the end of the third week of class. Students should consult the Registration Calendar for the deadline to drop/withdraw classes.

*If you are requesting a cancellation and are still responsible for any housing charges, you must contact Housing Services and submit a separate application.

*Financial Aid recipients who withdraw from all classes, see Withdrawal Implications for Recipients of Financial Aid.

Enrollment Status

Enrollment status is assigned by the Registrar’s office based upon several criteria that include number of registered units, exceptional courses, graduate assistantships and the class level of the program that the student is pursuing, e.g., undergraduate, master’s or doctoral. “Exceptional courses” are those courses that have been determined to fulfill full-time enrollment status, regardless of the number of registered units. These courses include 594 Master’s Thesis, 794 Doctoral Dissertation, GRSC 800 Studies for the Qualifying Examination as well as other courses and programs as determined by the Dean of Academic Records and Registrar. Only students pursuing a degree or university certificate program will be assigned an enrollment status. Auditors and visitors (limited standing) will not have an enrollment status assigned to them, regardless of the number of units or types of courses for which they have registered. Units taken for audit do not apply to enrollment status. Undergraduate students are considered full-time when enrolled for 12 or more units and half-time when enrolled for six or more units.

Master’s students are considered full-time when enrolled for eight or more units or registered in an exceptional course or enrolled in the minimum units required as a graduate assistant. Master’s students are considered half-time when enrolled for at least four units or enrolled in half the minimum units required as a graduate assistant.

Doctoral students are considered full-time when enrolled in six or more units or registered in an exceptional course and half-time when enrolled in three or more units. Verification of student enrollment status is provided by the Office of Academic Records and Registrar. There is a $5 charge for each verification.

Limited Status Enrollment

Limited status enrollment allows persons who have not been admitted to the university to take a limited number of courses at USC.

Eligibility for Limited Status Enrollment

Students who have not yet completed a bachelor’s degree are not eligible for limited status enrollment if they have been denied admission to USC or if they have been academically disqualified or suspended from any community college, college or university.

At the post-baccalaureate level, limited status enrollment is not available to students who have been denied admission to the department offering the course unless prior approval is granted by the department and appropriate dean.

International Students

Limited status enrollment does not fulfill requirements for issuing a student visa. International students (students studying or wishing to study in the U.S. on a non-immigrant visa) must have the approval of the Office of International Services (Student Union 300) and must demonstrate English language proficiency before registering for classes.

Restrictions on Limited Status Enrollment

A pre-baccalaureate limited status student may not register for more than 16 units; a post-baccalaureate limited status student may not register for more than 12 units.

Exceptions to this policy will be considered by the Office of Admission for USC employees and for post-baccalaureate students who submit a disclaimer of intent to pursue a USC degree.

Prior approval of the department offering the course is required for all limited status enrollment. If a limited status student is subsequently admitted to regular standing, no more than 16 undergraduate or the first 12 graduate units taken through limited status enrollment can be applied toward a degree. Individual exceptions must be approved by the dean of the degree conferring units.

Pre-baccalaureate limited status students must settle their tuition and fees on the same day they register for classes or their enrollment will be cancelled by the Registration Department. This policy does not apply to USC staff and faculty.

Extra Units

A normal academic load is 16 units per semester for undergraduate students, eight units (500-level) for graduate students. The university recommends that undergraduates register for no more than 18 units and graduates for no more than 16 units. Permission to enroll in more than 20 units requires written approval from the school or home department.

Final Transcripts

Official transcripts with the degree awarded and the diploma date included will be available for order within eight weeks after the end of the term. Advance orders for final transcripts may be placed with the National Student Clearinghouse. For more information, refer to the Transcript department Website. Transcripts are not released to students with collection or loan activity restrictions.

Guaranteeing a Space in a Class

Registration in a class does not by itself guarantee a space in that class. An instructor may replace any student who without prior consent does not attend these class sessions:

(a) the first two class
sessions, or
(b) the first class session of the semester for once-a-week

It is then the student’s responsibility to withdraw officially from the course through the Registration Department. Any class added by Web Registration or in person after the first week of classes should always receive the instructor’s approval.

International Students

International students are required to check in with the Office of International Services (OIS) upon arrival for passport verification. Students must be registered full-time during the academic year to maintain legal immigration status. Full-time status is defined as enrollment in the following units per semester: 12 units for undergraduates, 8 units for master’s students, and 6 units for doctoral students. Students must consult with an academic or departmental adviser before registering for classes. Please visit the OIS Website for more information about programs and services provided for international students.

Joint Educational Project (JEP)

The Joint Educational Project places university students in field assignments in over 50 community sites (including neighborhood schools, non-profit organizations and governmental institutions) primarily near the University Park Campus. Students participate in projects that seek to discover or implement solutions to problems that have been identified by the community. In the process, students learn how to develop and apply knowledge, to work in diverse social settings, to become engaged in civic affairs, and to explore possible career paths and make professional contacts. “JEP” following a section number indicates it is possible the professor will offer JEP as a course option.

Pass/No Pass Option

Students may enroll for courses with the Pass/No Pass grade option on Web Registration. USC allows students to decide the grade option for any course up until the 20 percent mark of the session in which the course is offered. For the specific deadline to change the grade option of a course, click the Calendar icon next to the course on the Schedule of Classes. Certain undergraduate courses (e.g., courses offered by the WRIT department) must be taken for letter grade. Graduate students must receive departmental approval to enroll in a graduate course on a pass/no pass basis. Refer to the Pass/No Pass Graded Work section in the USC Catalogue for details on degree credit restrictions on courses taken on a pass/no pass basis. Students should consult an academic adviser before enrolling in any course on a pass/no pass basis.

Registration in Graduate-Level Courses by Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate students will not be allowed to enroll in a graduate course unless they receive prior approval to (1) reserve the course for a possible graduate degree or (2) count the course for undergraduate credit or (3) audit the course. Students must present official proof of such approval to the Registration Department at the time of enrollment. See the USC Catalogue to find instructions on how to make the request.

Religious Holidays

Some registration-related deadlines may coincide with religious holidays. If observation of a religious holiday makes it difficult or impossible for you to meet a specific deadline, you will be given consideration for an extension if you contact the Registration Department, Trojan Hall 101, before the holiday occurs.

Note: This does not apply to payment deadlines.

Right to Withdraw a Course

The university reserves the right to withdraw or change the hours of any course listed in the Schedule of Classes. Classes may be rescheduled or cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances or low enrollment.

Students enrolled in a cancelled class are responsible for withdrawing the course from their program by Web Registration or in person at Trojan Hall 101.

STARS Report

The STudent Academic Record System report (STARS) provides a comprehensive evaluation of students’ academic progress toward degree completion of their specified program of study. This report contains all applicable USC course work and accepted transfer work and included requirements such as time limit, continuous enrollment and summative experience. STARS reports are made available as students approach graduation. Students may access their STARS report on OASIS at myUSC or usc.edu/OASIS.