General Education Courses

Category I: Western Cultures and Traditions

HIST 100gm The American Experience
PHIL 155g Modern Philosophy and the Meaning of Life
PHIL 220g Science, Religion and the Making of the Modern Mind

Category II: Global Cultures and Traditions

ANTH 100g Principles of Human Organization: Non-Western Societies
ANTH 235g The Changing Pacific: Culture, History and Politics in the New South Seas
ANTH 263g Exploring Culture Through Film

Category III: Scientific Inquiry

ASTR 100Lxg The Universe
BISC 120Lg General Biology: Organismal Biology and Evolution
CHEM 105aLg General Chemistry
GEOL 107Lg Oceanography
PHYS 151Lg Fundamentals of Physics I: Mechanics and Thermodynamics

Category IV: Science and Its Significance

ANTH 200Lg The Origins of Humanity
EXSC 205Lxg The Science of Human Performance

Category V: Arts and Letters

ARLT 100g Arts and Letters
ARLT 101g Studies in Arts and Letters

Category VI: Social Issues

IR 101xg International Relations
POSC 265g Environmental Challenges