Thematic Option 195:

Summer Seminar (3.0 units)

An honors course for high school students in summer; each section focuses on a topic in the arts or humanities, social or natural sciences.
    BodyWorks: Human Physiology in Health and Diseases
    63580R261Lecture9:00-4:20pmMTuWThF15 of 40Albert Herrerafeesession dates
    Discover Engineering
    63581R261Lecture8:00-6:15pmMTuWThF33 of 40Darin GrayTBAfeesession dates
    Exploration of Architecture
    63582R261Lecture9:00-5:00pmMTuWThF27 of 60Valery Augustinfeesession dates
    Guitar Seminar: Jazz, Rock, and Beyond
    63583R261Lecture9:00-4:30pmMTuWThF14 of 40John Welshfeesession dates
    Exploring Entrepreneurship
    63584R261Lecture9:00-4:50pmMTuWThF51 of 70Eric Rawson,
    Thomas Knapp
    TBAfeesession dates
    News Reporting in the Digital Age
    63585R261Lecture9:00-4:20pmMTuWThF18 of 40Alan Mittelstaedtfeesession dates
    Introduction to Video Game Design
    63588R261Lecture9:00-4:50pmMTuWThF30 of 40Anthony Borquezfeesession dates
    Psychological Science & Society
    63591R261Lecture9:00-4:20pmMTuWThF20 of 40Leslie Berntsenfeesession dates
    College Writing Techniques
    63594R261Lecture9:00-4:50pmMTuWThF7 of 40Eric RawsonTBAfeesession dates
    The Brain: Introduction to Neuroscience
    63607R261Lecture9:00-4:20pmMTuWThF16 of 40John Walshfeesession dates
    Internal Relations
    63611R261Lecture9:00-4:20pmMTuWThF21 of 40Shannon Gibsonfeesession dates
    Creative Writing Workshop
    63613R261Lecture9:00-5:15pmMTuWThF13 of 40William WyattTBAfeesession dates
    Forensic Psychology: The Mind and the Legal System
    63615R261Lecture9:00-4:30pmMTuWThF21 of 40Stacia Stolzenbergfeesession dates
    Future Physicians
    63616R261Lecture9:00-4:50pmMTuWThF27 of 40George TolomiczenkoTBAfeesession dates
    Summer Theatre Conservatory: Acting Intensive
    63617R261Lecture9:00-4:20pmMTuWThF23 of 40Louie Pidayfeesession dates
    Summer Theatre Conservatory: Musical Theatre
    63618R261Lecture9:00-4:20pmMTuWThF14 of 40Dan Fishbachfeesession dates
    3D Design and Prototyping
    63621R261Lecture9:00-4:20pmMTuWThF20 of 40Lance Winkelfeesession dates
    Introduction to Information Security
    63622R261Lecture9:00-4:20pmMTuWThF9 of 40Chi Sofeesession dates
    Summer Theatre Conservatory: New Works: From the Page to the Stage
    63625R261Lecture9:00-4:20pmMTuWThF0 of 40feesession dates
    Legal Reasoning and Argumentation
    63628R261Lecture9:00-4:20pmMTuWThF13 of 40James Brecherfeesession dates
    American Popular Culture
    63629R261Lecture9:00-4:20pmMTuWThF9 of 40Vanessa Osbornefeesession dates
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