Issues in Aesthetics

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  • Note: Philosophers since the time of Aristotle have recognized that a well-lived life--what was sometimes termed a "beautiful, ethical life"--contains dimensions that go beyond what can be observed and described by the scientific fields. These philosophers realized that a crucial portion of human understanding lay in the realm of the beautiful, or the aesthetic: those parts of life that are enthralling, spiritually enriching, artistically compelling. The moments of lived experience that confront the sublime; the range of human feeling encompassed by the comic and the tragic. WRIT 150 -- Issues in Aesthetics provides students with instruction on the writing, critical thinking, and analytical and rhetorical skills that are best suited to exploring questions and issues of aesthetics. Students will receive hands-on, workshop-intensive guidance on the writing process, and practice in the habits of mind that scholarly writers bring to bear on issues in aesthetics.
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