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Schedule of Classes API


SOC service

api.php is a restful interface to the Schedule of Classes data. It caches content retrieved from REG/SIS’s SOAP service and presents it in a format suitable for inclusion in a CMS deployed schedule of classes site. Most resources can be retrieved in JSON formatted output.

JSON content can be easily turning to an associative array with the PHP 5 call to json_decode. e.g.

$myhash = json_decode($json_string,true);

If you are in the browser you can do a simple JavaScript eval to turn the JSON content you retrieved with an xmlhttprequest object into a JavaScript associative array. e.g.

eval("myhash = " + json_string + ";");

To acccess the JSON content you need to use the fetch the document via http. The URI is formulated in a REST style. api/[service]/[options].


The cache

This API is driven by pulling the general data from the Registrar’s office data and populating a cache of the data appropriately. This process is managed through our RESTful API. You can see the contents of the current cache by pointing your browser at Periodically you may want to remove/expire contents in the cache go to This isn’t something you usually need to do though as it is run automatically form a cron job.