Adverse Drug Interactions Program

An evidence-based, proprietary database of adverse drug interactions. Searches for interactions between 2 and up to 12 drugs; also includes management recommendations and references are hyperlinked to the original literature. Updated regularly.

This program offers a quick guide to potential interactions between drugs, with brief recommendations for precautionary measures. Pairs of interacting drugs are listed alphabetically, followed by the adverse interaction, its mechanism (in parentheses), references and recommendations for clinical management. These listings are often based on clinical reports. Interactions listed for groups of drugs (such as "cephalosporins" or "antidepressants, tricyclic") may not have been reported for every drug in the group; known exceptions to the interaction are noted. The index lists brand names, generic names, and group headings; brand names for combination products may not be listed. Drug combinations should generally be looked up under their components.

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