Approved Lists of Bacterial Names

Full text of Approved Lists of Bacterial Names Skerman, V.B.D.; McGowan, Vicki; Sneath, P.H.A., editors Washington (DC): American Society for Microbiology; c1989

Preface - V.B.D. Skerman

The Approved Lists of Bacterial Names was published in the International Journal of Systematic Bacteriology (IJSB 30: 225420, 1980) and reprinted in book form to provide for the requirements of the Bacteriological Code (1976 Revision) in initiating a new starting date for bacterial nomenclature, 1 January 1980. Despite every care, errors in the text have been detected and these errors have now been corrected in this Amended Edition. The status of the names listed and the limitations applied to them are explained in the original in the Section dealing with \"Specific Information relating to the Approved Lists of Bacterial Names\" (IJSB 30:228, 1980) where emphasis was placed on 1) the nomenclatural status of all names in the Lists (Item 6, p. 229), 2) the reuse and revival of names (Item 8, p. 229230) and 3) the correction of errors in information on names included in the Approved Lists (Item 9, p. 230). Item 9 (p. 230) also emphasised that no name would be added to or removed from the Approved Lists of Bacterial Names.

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